Ok, I may have not wanted to watch this. I may have thought it was going to be terrible because romance novels do not translate to the screen except in the worst most cliched ways. <!–Rant: Yes, I know even the written ones are cliché. Everyone needs a release. And I put good $$ onContinue reading “Bridgerton”

Cheap Words

I saw this some time ago and it resonated. Probably too late in life I figured out words are cheap. Not even dollar store cheap with the utilitarianism those purchases bring. No just cheap. I’m a watcher. I let others think I’m clueless. Then when they’ve shown me enough of their hand I’m done. AndContinue reading “Cheap Words”

Falling Needles

We took our Christmas tree down last Saturday. Always a little bittersweet, to keep with my Eeyore theme of this week. 😁 It was drooping and sad looking. I stopped watering it a week or so before Christmas. I stopped watering it because as I tried to get to the pan one night to waterContinue reading “Falling Needles”

Grass Eater

I can’t eat another piece of meat, red meat in particular. And no I’m not being sexual at all. I live amongst carnivores and I swear to God I ate an entire cow and at least half a lamb over the holiday season. I can’t eat anymore for awhile. So I’m going on a ‘detox’Continue reading “Grass Eater”

New Day New Me

Here I am start of a new year and unemployed. Hello 2020, is that you still lurking there? 😁 I have only been unemployed 2 times in my life. Both times I was trying to figure out what was next. I guess it could be argued this is the same. This has been on theContinue reading “New Day New Me”

Keats and Chill

You say you love by John Keats I. You say you love; but with a voiceChaster than a nun’s, who singethThe soft Vespers to herselfWhile the chime-bell ringeth –O love me truly! II. You say you love; but with a smileCold as sunrise in September,As you were Saint Cupid’s nun,And kept his weeks of Ember.OContinue reading “Keats and Chill”

Wordy WorderKins

8/1/2020 Those who play with fire Risk the blister in the sun Burnt #iridescence #vss365 8/1/2020 #math #vss365 An excerpt from my upcoming historical romance. 8/31/2020 There our story began. A hero beaten, bloody, the char of a battlefield, bodies piled high, cries of mercy as the enemy invaded indifferent to the suffering they caused.Continue reading “Wordy WorderKins”