Subject Matter

If you’ve been reading, you know my youngest is an anarchist, also a genius, tested and certified. I’m not sure I’ll survive this child. I’m either helping to create the savior of the world or Lex Luther. I really don’ t know which one if I must be honest. Punishments don’t work. Positive reinforcement doesn’tContinue reading “Subject Matter”


All writers should have a strain of hedonism streaking through them. I’m a PG level hedonist. I used to be much cooler and, even if it was wildly inauthentic, I could project a feel of reckless debauchery. Those days are gone. It’s hard to pretend to be something you are not. I have to sayContinue reading “Bacchanal”

Shot in the Dark

This writing exercise is to describe a ‘blind’ meal. If you don’t know what that is, neither did I until I took a refresher French course and we watched a scene in French with people having this sort of dining experience. Basically, you are in a pitch black dining room with other diners and youContinue reading “Shot in the Dark”

Idea Generation

Ideas are brewing in my head, a few too many if you must ask. I need to get them down and mold them a little before I unleash the great purge. This is one of the hardest steps for me because I just want to go and damn all figure it out later. I’ve learnedContinue reading “Idea Generation”

Patience Is A Virtue

I am not blessed with patience. Though most people who meet me think I’m zen and chill that is only because I have hidden the Type A crazy that runs through my blood like mangoes at the beach. Motherhood has forced a serious amount of chill down my throat. It was that or crack likeContinue reading “Patience Is A Virtue”

Big Fish

Little pond. It feels like the big fish wins often leaving the rest of us scratching our heads. We run an IT firm and we are a little, if aggressive, fish. We are way better than the big fish that swims in our pond and that is not simply hubris. We’re good but we alsoContinue reading “Big Fish”

4th and 10

The Supabowl was yesterday. I really didn’t care that much especially since my beloved Saints missed the mark again. We may need to stick Drew in a Cryogenic chamber soon but that’s another post. It got me thinking about excellence. These are the best of the best in their field and, despite the many loungeContinue reading “4th and 10”


I saw a quote recently that said ‘if I’m remembered as anything I want it to be as an overachiever’. We had a long talk with our youngest about this idea because as a child filled with even more potential than most it’s hard to watch their apathy. I’m not sure they took away theContinue reading “Aspiring”


Let’s make this a Twitter challenge here are the rules: Write a descriptive paragraph about your workspace – any genre Tweet it in a reply to this or put in the comment below No more than two threads per description please I promise to read them all and will pick my favorite Mine is below:Continue reading “Workspace”

First Liners

I’m not the biggest believer in the first line thinking, that thinking that says you have to hook them with the first words before that first period. In fact the only first liners I’ve ever remembered are a few of Dickens and John Irving because it’s really the last line and he writes that first.Continue reading “First Liners”