Tapping A Well

I’m on a bit of hiatus from vss365. Not because the words are hard. When you’re in the groove you can come up with something, even for a hard word, even if just making fun of your own limitations. I’m more tapped out creatively. I needed to regroup focus my attentions on this WIP andContinue reading “Tapping A Well”


I’m trying to get in front of the blog ball. I’m usually a week or two (in a good moment) ahead on my posts. If something timely pops up I’ll rearranged the schedule dates. That said sometimes the ideas come like waves, one after another. Things happen to me and I’m like ‘write about thatContinue reading “Ideas”

More of the Same

The 1st one was a nod to my oldest who has loved beavers since a very young child. I had no idea either until one day they started talking about beaver habitats and what they were called and how they were built. I was floored. You’d think a mom would know these things. The othersContinue reading “More of the Same”

And So It Goes

If you can’t tell this was when the crazy began it’s long crazy march through our lives. It’s quaint the things I worried about then. Toilet paper and cancelled vanity appointments. I feel like those days were like the movie Independence Day. Now we’re in Mad Max stage. I don’t even want to think aboutContinue reading “And So It Goes”

Marketing Blitz

As I proofread and put the final nails in this WIP, I’m trying to figure out how to market. I do plan to spend a little money. Buy some advertising. I may start dropping some quotes other eye catchers to get people interested. I’ve never sent out my books for professional reviews from genre sites/publicationsContinue reading “Marketing Blitz”

V to the SS

So the stork one – I didn’t want to go the obvious baby route and I knew nothing about storks other than that. I don’t usually have time to research the word. I just go with what my gut is telling me or the definition. I did this time and found out storks mate forContinue reading “V to the SS”

On Proofreading

I have some posts planned for late September/October to talk about this current WIP and decisions I made and etc. Right now though I’ve finished my rewrite and I’m trying to proof/edit and I’m burnt out. I don’t want to read this story anymore and I’m trying to figure out how to get the energyContinue reading “On Proofreading”

How You Vss’ing?

And more. Interesting, these weren’t very good. I’ve liked most of them up till now. Wonder what next week’s batch will look like. 3/11/20 He groaned as the bloody mary clunked down no displays of ribs or thick cut bacon like at a hip Sunday brunch but his stomach still growled Drink.  I’ll make eggsContinue reading “How You Vss’ing?”

Yes to the VSS

If you’re wondering, yes, I am going to milk this for as longs as I can. 3/3/20 In dreams snow lined the mountains tipped with #whitecaps. Their gloved hands held awkwardly as a trail of deep footsteps followed them. In these dreams, she kissed him feeling the crystals of ice decorating his short beard. SheContinue reading “Yes to the VSS”

Try My Patience

Anyone else’s patience at an end right now? Because mine is and has been. My family is suffering the impact of my short fuse. I’m a pretty chill person but lately I’m done. My chill has left the building. I want to run away, to an island, to the mountains, away. My guess is thisContinue reading “Try My Patience”