4th and 10

The Supabowl was yesterday. I really didn’t care that much especially since my beloved Saints missed the mark again. We may need to stick Drew in a Cryogenic chamber soon but that’s another post. It got me thinking about excellence. These are the best of the best in their field and, despite the many loungeContinue reading “4th and 10”

Weekend Breather

It’s Saturday the day most of us work toward all week. I’ve read it, you’ve read it, the idea that we shouldn’t care that it’s Saturdy and if we were doing something purposeful we wouldn’t need a vacation from our lives. Blah, blah, blah. Nice work if you can get it. So here’s an idea.Continue reading “Weekend Breather”

The Honest Truth

We all ask for it but I’m not sure any of us really want it because as the saying goes ‘the truth hurts’. As writers we exist like sadomasochists begging to get taken down a notch at every turn, peer groups, beta readers, book reviews, Twitter. Yet we all agree we want the truth. I’veContinue reading “The Honest Truth”


I saw a quote recently that said ‘if I’m remembered as anything I want it to be as an overachiever’. We had a long talk with our youngest about this idea because as a child filled with even more potential than most it’s hard to watch their apathy. I’m not sure they took away theContinue reading “Aspiring”


Let’s make this a Twitter challenge here are the rules: Write a descriptive paragraph about your workspace – any genre Tweet it in a reply to this or put in the comment below No more than two threads per description please I promise to read them all and will pick my favorite Mine is below:Continue reading “Workspace”

First Liners

I’m not the biggest believer in the first line thinking, that thinking that says you have to hook them with the first words before that first period. In fact the only first liners I’ve ever remembered are a few of Dickens and John Irving because it’s really the last line and he writes that first.Continue reading “First Liners”

Carbon Copy

Mark Twain said there were no original thoughts. Everything that could be thought had been thought and we were only tossing them about in new and unique combinations ever since. There’s some truth to that I think. I used to work in equity research right across from the old trade centers…yep I was there thatContinue reading “Carbon Copy”


Things flop. You can look to the movie industry to see how true this is. It happens all the time and often with the power and might of very deep pockets who have a vested interest in success. We can ask why but at the end of the day it happens usually because of ego.Continue reading “Blockbuster”

More Than Words

Shaking things up here, I’m going to work on some writing exercises through these daily posts.  Some will be terrible, many may need structural work, occasionally they will be beautiful.  It’s an exercise and I’m doing it to get stronger.  Constructive criticism always welcomed. The exercise today: Write a story that contains ONLY dialogue.  Notes:Continue reading “More Than Words”


My youngest is trying to recreate Flappy Birds. I’ve mentioned it before that this child sits right at prodigy level. Unlike everyone else in hyped up suburbia we’ve never had them tested. When someone is like this you don’t need to. That’s the irony. Every child in my near reach is ‘gifted’. There’s a hugeContinue reading “Trending”