And We Write

Challenge: Ask somebody you know how his or her day was. Make any kind of poem out of their answer. So I slept past the shadows of the morn Unconcerned with the passage of time Never far from the regions of my mind Naked wishes a reminder of your scorn Yellowed sun turned to redContinue reading “And We Write”

Up For The Challenge

Writing Challenge: Think of your favorite food. Try to make it sound as disgusting as possible. It covers my tongue in a heavy coat and there isn’t a liquid that can rinse away the cloying feel.  The reward of the cool is quickly lost to the tacky feel in my mouth.  Soon the fresh happinessContinue reading “Up For The Challenge”

Weekend Challenge

I’m going to try to work through a challenge on Saturday’s for awhile. I’m in the middle of writing a short story which is going off the rails and trying to become a novella on me. This is par for the course. I lack the discipline to being a planner and this is one ofContinue reading “Weekend Challenge”

Shot in the Dark

This writing exercise is to describe a ‘blind’ meal. If you don’t know what that is, neither did I until I took a refresher French course and we watched a scene in French with people having this sort of dining experience. Basically, you are in a pitch black dining room with other diners and youContinue reading “Shot in the Dark”

Patience Is A Virtue

I am not blessed with patience. Though most people who meet me think I’m zen and chill that is only because I have hidden the Type A crazy that runs through my blood like mangoes at the beach. Motherhood has forced a serious amount of chill down my throat. It was that or crack likeContinue reading “Patience Is A Virtue”


I saw a quote recently that said ‘if I’m remembered as anything I want it to be as an overachiever’. We had a long talk with our youngest about this idea because as a child filled with even more potential than most it’s hard to watch their apathy. I’m not sure they took away theContinue reading “Aspiring”


Let’s make this a Twitter challenge here are the rules: Write a descriptive paragraph about your workspace – any genre Tweet it in a reply to this or put in the comment below No more than two threads per description please I promise to read them all and will pick my favorite Mine is below:Continue reading “Workspace”

First Liners

I’m not the biggest believer in the first line thinking, that thinking that says you have to hook them with the first words before that first period. In fact the only first liners I’ve ever remembered are a few of Dickens and John Irving because it’s really the last line and he writes that first.Continue reading “First Liners”

More Than Words

Shaking things up here, I’m going to work on some writing exercises through these daily posts.  Some will be terrible, many may need structural work, occasionally they will be beautiful.  It’s an exercise and I’m doing it to get stronger.  Constructive criticism always welcomed. The exercise today: Write a story that contains ONLY dialogue.  Notes:Continue reading “More Than Words”