Wicked Woman

Writing Prompt: include these words somewhere in a story ‘…but if anyone asks tell them we’re fine’. This one screamed ominous to me so there I went. Enjoy! “I was trying to be thoughtful. I was trying to be caring. All the things he said I never was. All the things he broke in meContinue reading “Wicked Woman”

Creative Effort

Writing Challenge: If your brain were a tangible, physical place, what would it be like? Pulling the deep weeds in the blistering sun was never any fun. The sticky heat clung to her skin and pooled between the valley of her breasts. Jungle sounds surrounded her chirping, squawking, the occasional sinister hiss that raised theContinue reading “Creative Effort”


Writing Challenge: Acrostic Poem Every now and then I’ll dip a toe in the poetic league. I’m not very good so I tend to stand by the side and read what’s out there. The one thing that surprised me when I joined writing Twitter was the number of poets. I have to say that’s inspiring.Continue reading “Acrostic”

In My Head

Writing Challenge: Stream of Concious I tried this with the short story She in the book 3 Shorts. I had various degrees of success. I definitely fell out of it but it’s a good excercise. I’m tired of being inside and it’s gloomy today. I hate the rain. We need it. Everything is dying. TheContinue reading “In My Head”

The Dream

Writing challenge: The Dream I started from my nap the weird fuzzy feeling still wrapping my head in a fog. My skin was hot and I could feel the burn from the sun stinging me letting me know it would hurt even more later as time deadened it into a rust stained scar. Ideas floatedContinue reading “The Dream”

How Do I Love Thee

Challenge: Write about 5 ways to win your heart This wasn’t the easiest for me because though I write romance I haven’t thought about it in a long time outside of from the context of my characters. My realist outlook is a result of the school of hard knocks and probably makes me more bitterContinue reading “How Do I Love Thee”

Write Now

And today’s writing challenge: Day 19: Cross an item off your bucket list by doing it in your writing. She huddled against him under the heavy blanket lined with thick fleece. Layers of warm clothes along with feet wrapped in bulky knitted socks and stuffed into utilitarian snow boots helped with the frigid cold bitingContinue reading “Write Now”


I’m basically in a rewrite of my historical romance fiction idea. I always get antsy and want to my latest works out to the world, sometimes before they are ready. I know having discipline and patience is going to do wonders for this story, any story, but the waiting is hard the hard part. AtContinue reading “Moondays”

Working Girl

Challenge: Finish a story with the line, “Nothing ever felt easier to say.” “Can you get this to me by five?”  The heavy folder thudded onto Suanne’s desk without apology staring up at her like a smug bully.  She looked up at her boss who hadn’t even hesitated as she strolled by in her pointyContinue reading “Working Girl”


I’m working with an editor for the first time. Apparently, I like adverbs. 🙂 I know sometimes it makes for lazy writing so I am cleaning up most of them. The other thing I’m doing *gasp* is putting together a rough outline. Don’t worry pansters I’m not totally abandoning you but it is helping. Here’sContinue reading “Professionalism”