Steady As She Goes

I have a list I’ve started for my blog, ideas that are worth pursuing.  Sometimes current events dictate – hey write about that. Like today is Sandy Hook, and I can’t write about that not today at least.  Other times I’m staring off into space thinking if I wanted to swim in some writer’s blockContinue reading “Steady As She Goes”

Nicey Nice

Nice.  It’s a loaded word these days, probably always has been.  It’s always been an aspirational word.  I’ve said it to my kids a million times.  But what I’ve noticed is that when telling them to be nice what I’m mainly saying is to bend and mold, also very often to limit themselves and moreContinue reading “Nicey Nice”


This is a topic I’ll likely revisit, since I have kids and as you’ve probably noticed they make appearances in my current life outlook.  Kids today are way smarter than I even when I was a kid.  They are way more polished and professional.  Their resumes are terrifying and I’m just thrilled that I don’tContinue reading “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

In Defense of Resting

I’m a busy bee, mostly by necessity, some by nature.  I like being bored.  I remember in earlier days taking long naps on Saturdays and Sundays and then going to bed and sleeping all night.  If I did that now I’d be up by 2am.  As it is I’m up at 2am begging my brainContinue reading “In Defense of Resting”

Why Does It Cry?

My youngest and I are criers.  We cry at movies, at movie trailers, commercials, just about anything sweet that touches the heart.  The others in our house, not so much.  That doesn’t mean they’re cold hearted or anything just wired differently.  My oldest had colic as a baby.  That one would cry and cry untilContinue reading “Why Does It Cry?”


It’s easy to form a habit and hard to break it.  That’s true, in my opinion, depending on what the habit is.  Friday night martinis, very easy habit to form, very hard to break.  Getting up for bootcamp workout at 5am, very hard habit form, painfully easy to break.  There are statistics that say doingContinue reading “Habits”


Driving along a throughway last night, where the well to do have set up residence, I was enjoying the marvel of Christmas lights. They passed by in an array of sparkles and colors.  It was a happy mark of the season. They were all beautiful.  Some were clearly professionally done, perfect, not a light outContinue reading “Perfect”

Good Tidings to You

It’s holiday season, for better or worse.  I do love it though it’s wildly stressful – the overeating, the overspending, the too much togetherness.  I’m a natural introvert.  I don’t mind being alone.  After awhile of being at a party or in a crowd I get tired, overwhelmed.  I’m not very good at listening toContinue reading “Good Tidings to You”

Crazy Love

I am the patron saint of a-hole rescue pets.  When my beloved Yorkadork died I was heartbroken.  I knew eventually I would get another dog but I didn’t know when.  Six months or so later I was ready.  I missed having a dog and instead of going to a breeder (however reputable) I was goingContinue reading “Crazy Love”

Go Live

OQ, IQ, QA. DEV, TEST, PROD.  Go live.  A lot of glory speak for – is it ready?  These are the phases of a tech project.  Do your gathering, develop, document (maybe, kidding, not really), test, release.  In the most simplified description, this is what you do when you make changes to a system orContinue reading “Go Live”