That’s the title of my new WIP. I play piano and at one time I was pretty good. I didn’t pursue it unfortunately. I always enjoyed playing Chopin’s Impromptus. They were fun, sometimes offhand pieces, that came together in an unexpected way. That was what I was shooting for with my WIP and I mayContinue reading “Impromptu”


It’s that time of year when they play all the nostalgic movies.  As a registered sap, I’m down for every single one of them.  Sound of Music was on a few days ago.  I love that movie, so much.  I should qualify there aren’t many musicals that I don’t love, movie, Broadway, off Broadway, communityContinue reading “WIP”

Go Live

OQ, IQ, QA. DEV, TEST, PROD.  Go live.  A lot of glory speak for – is it ready?  These are the phases of a tech project.  Do your gathering, develop, document (maybe, kidding, not really), test, release.  In the most simplified description, this is what you do when you make changes to a system orContinue reading “Go Live”