Wordy WorderKins

8/1/2020 Those who play with fire Risk the blister in the sun Burnt #iridescence #vss365 8/1/2020 #math #vss365 An excerpt from my upcoming historical romance. 8/31/2020 There our story began. A hero beaten, bloody, the char of a battlefield, bodies piled high, cries of mercy as the enemy invaded indifferent to the suffering they caused.Continue reading “Wordy WorderKins”

They Continue

7/20/20 Pronouns are deadly nouns. And the most dangerous one is me. Followed closely by you. It’s time to #ostracize these two, dig out the poison of their selfish ID. Toss it aside and move along. All this us is enough. No more me. And forget about you.  #vss365 7/19/20 You know that other sideContinue reading “They Continue”


This was where I started tying to do more than one prompt. I remember reading a quote from a famous author (can’t remember which one) that said creativity isn’t a limited supply. There is always more. They lie. This was where I was burning out, my WIP was sitting neglected and I was trying toContinue reading “Cleverly”

Yes, There’s More

I’ll be honest I thought by now I’d have caught up. Should have done the math. I think this will take me through to the new year which is good because time is short right now. It will be a good way to start the year by writing some new one. Until then, I repurpose.Continue reading “Yes, There’s More”

Once Upon a Vss

6/9/20 There it was rising, blooming, bubbling, gurgling, popping, churning, fizzing, thunderstriking, unflinching, overwhelming, exhilarating, demanding, possessing, expecting, intoxicating, knowing, gentling, uncompromising, breathtaking, notwithstanding #effervescent joy #vss365 6/8/20 And there was a #languor about the drooping branches, a giggling brook in the shadows. Voices whispered this way, this way before it’s too late, leaving speckledContinue reading “Once Upon a Vss”

Still VSSing

The Vss’ continue… 6/6/20 The summer breeze blew in by night dimming the shine of day’s fake light Loaded words like humming birds, scattered #buckshot at innocent herds A quickening, burning, no more relenting, a new  beginning #sijo #vss365 6/6/20 Pastel #hydrangea, cedar shingled homes, proper in their order, not a hair out of place,Continue reading “Still VSSing”

Poetic Justice

Anyone remember that movie? Tupac was in it and Janet Jackson, Ms Jackson. It was really good if you haven’t seen it. Watch it. Anyway, this batch is very poetic. Writer Twitter is dominated by poets. At some point I guess you join in or stand on the sideline cheering and going hoarse. 5/28/20 ItContinue reading “Poetic Justice”