Climb On

The kids started climbing a few years ago and last year took a rock climbing camp. Since camps are out for this year we booked a family day of climbing. Mom and Dad, the nubes, got some training on the wall in the morning then we headed out to the rock. The fact remains thatContinue reading “Climb On”

Island Time

I’ve been taking naps. This is not my natural state of being. During the rest of the year I am on like the Energizer Bunny. It’s exhausting for everyone around me. But when I hit the island or the mountains my body suddenly shifts to this time. We call it Island Time in that itContinue reading “Island Time”

Tit for Tat

I like makeup and untenable high heels. I also like flip flops and surfing. Hiking in the mountains during the summer is the best two months of the year. Putting on my (faux) leather pants and saucy stilettos at Christmas is kind of empowering. Swimming in the waters around our island is childhood nostalgia steepedContinue reading “Tit for Tat”

Old Timey

My mom saves everything. She saves old wrapping bows, old wrapping paper that’s only a little crinkle, don’t even get started on old gift bags. She reuses zip locks. She’ll wash foil. She saves disposable water bottles and refills them at home. She used to bring snacks and drinks into the movies when we wereContinue reading “Old Timey”

Colder Weather

I like the cold. I know that’s an unpopular sentiment. My SO from the NE is one who would spend every day at climates of 100 degrees and climbing. Maybe because I was raised in the deep south, I’ve had enough of hot weather. I like seasons and warm drinks and the brisk feel ofContinue reading “Colder Weather”