ICQ over DSL later?

Our cabin is struggling this year with connectivity.  It happens, mountain problems.  If we were here for a week no biggie but when you’ve moved operations of your tech company for a few months it’s a big deal that your download rate is .07 and upload .06.  Don’t even ask about sending a text orContinue reading “ICQ over DSL later?”

Call Me OJ

Almost a week ago I finished watching Silicon Valley, about a year behind everyone else, but right on time for me. When we first started our consulting firm I joked that I was OJ. I still do. OJ and I are simpatico. Those who know me know I’m the Venus to OJs Mars. I’m notContinue reading “Call Me OJ”


One of the cool things happening right now is the way performing artists are coming together to share their music or artistic talents online. Mo Willems teaching how to draw the beloved Pigeon was one of them. Those books were long time favorites in my house. Every Spring Cleaning blitz those books survive it becauseContinue reading “Musical”

Go Live

OQ, IQ, QA. DEV, TEST, PROD.  Go live.  A lot of glory speak for – is it ready?  These are the phases of a tech project.  Do your gathering, develop, document (maybe, kidding, not really), test, release.  In the most simplified description, this is what you do when you make changes to a system orContinue reading “Go Live”

Step 1

There’s a process for everything in IT.  Everything.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  There’s a sureness in this, a knowing that in the morning things will be as they should be, no surprises.  Surprises are bad in IT, real bad.  Sometimes this bland reality speaks to my productivity with its oneContinue reading “Step 1”