Sharing Is Caring

I’m rounding the corner on my Social Media (SM) detox. I started a few weeks ago and 30 days comes next week. I’m struggling with when or if I come back. It wasn’t hard giving up FB. I rarely go on there. Twitter was harder because it’s my news feed. But Writer Twitter had becomeContinue reading “Sharing Is Caring”

Grace and Frankie

I fell on this show much later than everyone else but I loved it just as much. Those ladies are hysterical and the first few seasons were pure gold. One of my favorite episodes was when Frankie started on Social Media. I think I found it so funny because she was genuinely trying to haveContinue reading “Grace and Frankie”

Cover and Weave

I wrote a post on SM warfare a few days ago and in between I had a random response to one of my post that looked like the beginning of a ‘fight’. I haven’t had many people do this and it’s comical that the few times it has happened it has been on a silly,Continue reading “Cover and Weave”

Make Love Not War

There seems to come on Twitter and FB cycles of war. (I’m not on any of the other ones and I’m not really on FB anymore. It’s been months since I logged in.) Sometimes these wars are in tandem with provocative current events. Sometimes they are out of left field like WTF got up thisContinue reading “Make Love Not War”


I’m a planner in everything I do except writing. I know, pretty funny, right? With a business, two kids, my own goals if I don’t plan things don’t happen. This planning gene really kicked in after I had kids. I stopped being fun with a hard stop. It wasn’t a luxury I was afforded anymoreContinue reading “Planning”

Data Manipulation

Ahh, the algorithm. It’s kinda fun, one of my favorite WTF SM moments. I don’t know what the ‘algorithm’ is but goddamn it has a reputation and it’s not a good one. I wonder if it’s like that Emporer’s New Clothes thing? We’re all bemoaning the algorithm but really all the engineers at Twitter areContinue reading “Data Manipulation”

Can’t Knock the Hustle

There’s a weird phenomena on Twitter (and probably other social media sites) -the pico-celebrity.  This SM personality exist a little bit like that biosphere in the great Far Side cartoon where a man is looking in on his aquarium and a giant is looking into the man’s house and an alien is looking into theContinue reading “Can’t Knock the Hustle”

In Defense of Social Media

Someone who followed me on another social media platform had a terrible thing happen.  I don’t use any of my social media (sm) platforms for personal use outside of business.  Occasionally, a not so humble brag might go up from a proud mom or sad mom because we’ve hit a milestone.  But there are noContinue reading “In Defense of Social Media”