The Writing Series: NSFW

Ok, now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Sex. Rather, sex scenes. You’re warned if you’re feint of heart. Stop now. Click out. Hmm, let me start by saying most of mine hover in the PG-13 area. I have a few R/NC-17. I don’t think I have any X rated ones. Truth is onceContinue reading “The Writing Series: NSFW”

The Writing Series: I’m Too Sexy

There’s alot to say on this one. Sex scenes. Some authors will never face these dillemas. Roll their eyes and walk the high ground. Tip of the hat. Click out. You’ll only be offended by what’s about to be said. The rest of you who may or may not delve into this, the questions areContinue reading “The Writing Series: I’m Too Sexy”


This one’s for the ladies or highly evolved men who enjoy a randy read. I’m revising and my steam meter is all over the map with my new story. I’m trying to figure out which direction to go. I’m never sweet so I know that one is off the table. But I try not toContinue reading “Scintillating”

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

I’m a bible thumper, the kind that very much believes in God and works hard to embody the teachings of Christ.  Spirituality is important to me.  But then so is sex.  I write romance more than anything and I’m slowly mastering the balance of the sex scene, the levels that a reader might be comfortableContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby”