On Moms and Daughters

The fragile detente between my mom and I has been shattered again. It’s a case of chronic déjà vu for us, the original odd couple. These things grow worse and better with time. They grow better in that I am self sufficient and independent and so I can separate when I need to do soContinue reading “On Moms and Daughters”


This is the word my grandmother would use for what essentially we call depression. However for her and her generation it was much more encompassing and often much less weighty a matter than maybe it should have been. To them it was a passing fancy something you shook off with some activity or a mentalContinue reading “Melancholia”


I’m back on the wagon writing this at 5:11am. Like clockwork, my insomnia has kicked back in. It took a break during the Christmas holiday when I slowed down and some of the responsibility got to slide a little. Now it’s back reminding me I still have reasonably young children I need to guide intoContinue reading “Bootcamp”