I’m back on the wagon writing this at 5:11am. Like clockwork, my insomnia has kicked back in. It took a break during the Christmas holiday when I slowed down and some of the responsibility got to slide a little. Now it’s back reminding me I still have reasonably young children I need to guide intoContinue reading “Bootcamp”

No Cake For You

Dieting, the quintessential New Years resolution. It’s a merciless cycle for most of us faced with this issue. We all exist at various levels of disquiet with our appearance. Even those wholly sure of themselves, there’s something telling in their blatant narcissism, some random bravado they are using to tackle the world with the approvalContinue reading “No Cake For You”

Gloppy Goop

I received the first thing I’ve ever tried from Goop as a stocking stuffer.  It’s a detox bath and supposed to help relieve the stress we ladies keep in our necks and shoulders.  I tried it last night.  Since a hot bath is always relaxing for me I guess it was ok but it wasContinue reading “Gloppy Goop”