Walk On

Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I’ve tried static meditation but my mind is too active. So I sit there mentally berating myself for not being able to stop thinking thoughts or I fall asleep. It’s all or nothing with me. Walking has a monotony, rhythm, that is lulling and allows me to emptyContinue reading “Walk On”

Spreading It Thickly

I tossed horse manure over my garden yesterday. It was glorious. The sun was bright, hot and the activity felt good. I’m sore today, have the beginnings of my annual summer farmer’s tan and another day in the house isn’t looking as bleak. If I’ve learned anything about myself it’s that I was never meantContinue reading “Spreading It Thickly”

Nervous Nelly

So I get anxiety attacks. They were a later in life development. In my youth, I was pretty reckless and invincible, kinda like those Spring Breakers we’re all watching on TV. Life threw some curve balls at me and one day I had to go for an MRI on my hip. I couldn’t do it.Continue reading “Nervous Nelly”

Olly Olly Oxen Free

We didn’t have anything to do this weekend. What the what happened? The last time this happened I was unattached, city living and eating brunch after sleeping in and before an afternoon of shopping. I did sleep in a little, chores took the place of shopping, Pixar and popcorn the place of brunch. All inContinue reading “Olly Olly Oxen Free”

On Moms and Daughters

The fragile detente between my mom and I has been shattered again. It’s a case of chronic déjà vu for us, the original odd couple. These things grow worse and better with time. They grow better in that I am self sufficient and independent and so I can separate when I need to do soContinue reading “On Moms and Daughters”

Sunday Funday

I’m glad its Sunday. I needed it. I’m tired right now. It looks like it will be a sunny day and with early Spring impending I’m going to enjoy the last of the nice days. It will be the dog days soon and that is no joke. My garden needs tending, literally and metaphysically. TodayContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

A Visible Blessing

We can all agree that the Kobe Bryant story is awful. As a mother and wife, I can’t imagine figuring out what foot goes in front of the other after such a thing. It is especially hard knowing that like his wife, I would have to find a way to strive for my other child.Continue reading “A Visible Blessing”

Weekend Breather

It’s Saturday the day most of us work toward all week. I’ve read it, you’ve read it, the idea that we shouldn’t care that it’s Saturdy and if we were doing something purposeful we wouldn’t need a vacation from our lives. Blah, blah, blah. Nice work if you can get it. So here’s an idea.Continue reading “Weekend Breather”


I’ve blocked my first Twitter – The Writer Edition account. It seems a right of passage albeit a sad one. It is preemptive but I’m tailoring this experience to my benefit not theirs and these are the choices we get to make. I’ve watched this account with increasing wary. I actually followed them for aContinue reading “Blockade”


This is the word my grandmother would use for what essentially we call depression. However for her and her generation it was much more encompassing and often much less weighty a matter than maybe it should have been. To them it was a passing fancy something you shook off with some activity or a mentalContinue reading “Melancholia”