Carbon Copy

Mark Twain said there were no original thoughts. Everything that could be thought had been thought and we were only tossing them about in new and unique combinations ever since. There’s some truth to that I think. I used to work in equity research right across from the old trade centers…yep I was there thatContinue reading “Carbon Copy”


My youngest is trying to recreate Flappy Birds. I’ve mentioned it before that this child sits right at prodigy level. Unlike everyone else in hyped up suburbia we’ve never had them tested. When someone is like this you don’t need to. That’s the irony. Every child in my near reach is ‘gifted’. There’s a hugeContinue reading “Trending”


It’s one of my favorite days, riding day. Right now I only get to ride a few times a week but if I had my way, my bed would be in the stables. I love to ride. I love my guy even if he is kind of an ass and got himself punished for badContinue reading “GidyUp”

Something New

I want to write something different. I can’t say it won’t have a romantic tone because I’m a sucker for the human element. But something outside of the genre so to speak. I’ve tried before and actually won a short story contest (years and years ago) for a suspense piece. A year or maybe moreContinue reading “Something New”

30 Day Habit

Well I made it 30 days writing a blog piece. I’m really at 41. I meant to write this at post 31 but this is me. It’s been an interesting journey. I started strong, faded, have wanted to ditch the idea but I’m still going. It’s a time effort, sometimes, oft times, time I don’tContinue reading “30 Day Habit”


I’m back on the wagon writing this at 5:11am. Like clockwork, my insomnia has kicked back in. It took a break during the Christmas holiday when I slowed down and some of the responsibility got to slide a little. Now it’s back reminding me I still have reasonably young children I need to guide intoContinue reading “Bootcamp”

No Cake For You

Dieting, the quintessential New Years resolution. It’s a merciless cycle for most of us faced with this issue. We all exist at various levels of disquiet with our appearance. Even those wholly sure of themselves, there’s something telling in their blatant narcissism, some random bravado they are using to tackle the world with the approvalContinue reading “No Cake For You”

Loveless in TVland

We recently got rid of traditional cable. We’re using a combo of YouTube TV and a Firestick now and I may never use my TV again. I realize I’m prez at a technology company but I’m pretty old school. Just because I ‘get’ technology and how to employ it in the modern age doesn’t meanContinue reading “Loveless in TVland”

To The Point

The idea for this blog came from another blog I read daily, Seth Godin’s blog. His site says it’s one of the most popular in the world. I don’t doubt that. It’s bite sized and accessible. This is a good thing for busy people. I also like that it tends to be business focused. IContinue reading “To The Point”


That’s the title of my new WIP. I play piano and at one time I was pretty good. I didn’t pursue it unfortunately. I always enjoyed playing Chopin’s Impromptus. They were fun, sometimes offhand pieces, that came together in an unexpected way. That was what I was shooting for with my WIP and I mayContinue reading “Impromptu”