Somehow when I went back to get these from my feed I must have doubled the same one for 6/24 and 6/25. I’m curious which one I missed. But not curious enough to scroll back that far on my feed. So I added an extra one to make up for the lost one. Off toContinue reading “PromptLand”

The Writing Series: Words

Isn’t the word, word such a weird word? I have to start with that because I keep thinking that word as I think about what to write about wordcount. Word is a weird word. Right, now, my story is at 103,000 words. It’s too long and I’m too tired of it to try to cutContinue reading “The Writing Series: Words”

Yes, There’s More

I’ll be honest I thought by now I’d have caught up. Should have done the math. I think this will take me through to the new year which is good because time is short right now. It will be a good way to start the year by writing some new one. Until then, I repurpose.Continue reading “Yes, There’s More”

The Writing Series: Amazon

I’ve always used Smashwords to publish. I know they have a reputation as being the ‘randy’ publisher. I write some randy stories so that never bothered me. What I love most about them is they reach everyone…except Amazon. I tried to use Amazon at first, way back when, but between my content and their AppleContinue reading “The Writing Series: Amazon”

The Writing Series: Like a Band-Aid

Well I’ve read and re-read this story. My professional editing reality didn’t work out as well as I hoped and I’m not going to spend any more money on this WIP. It’s time. But for the life of me I’m so insecure about sending it out into the world. I keep pushing it off. IContinue reading “The Writing Series: Like a Band-Aid”

Love Day

I’m decreeing Sunday posts my love day posts. I’ll try to speak on the theme of love or find those who speak on that theme much more eloquently than I do. So today I offer this gem: Dulzura by Sandra Cisneros Make love to me in Spanish.Not with that other tongue.I want you juntito a mi,tenderContinue reading “Love Day”

The Writing Series: On a Serious Sex Note

My first romance novels were Kathleen Woodiwiss. I found them in my mom’s bedroom and stealth read them when she wasn’t around. I still love them but there’s a hard truth to her writing that quite a few of her romances started with a rape scene. They’re also pretty damn racist but hey if you’reContinue reading “The Writing Series: On a Serious Sex Note”

Writing Series: Chapter 1

There are those writers who map out to the paragraph how the book will play out. They plot and outline and carve chapters. I’m not one of them. As I’ve said, most of my books have been fly by the seat of my pants. That cavalier attitude has worked out sometimes and not so muchContinue reading “Writing Series: Chapter 1”

The Writing Series: En Inglés Por Favor

I learned how to write cockney for this book. I was pretty proud of myself. I don’t know why. This is how I waste time sometimes, teaching myself a new dialect. I say it was a waste of time because one of the first things my editor said was get rid of it. Well, getContinue reading “The Writing Series: En Inglés Por Favor”