Looking Back

I’m dialing it in again again for creative writing Saturday and pulling an excerpt from Falling Slowly. This was one of my for older young adults, YA romances. It was the first book where I switched POV 1/2 through. For some reason the male voice kept having things to say so at a pivotal pointContinue reading “Looking Back”

Rough Draft

Ok, I’m neck deep rewriting and I’m trying to funnel my limited resources of talent so here’s a game instead of me trying to tap out my tired brain for new content. I had a different beginning to my new story but after talking with my editor and admitting the story needed a good dealContinue reading “Rough Draft”

Summer Showers

Creative Writing Prompt: Rain Going with poetry this time. I only have the attention span for short poems so I’ll do a few different styles. Sijo: Icy rain like shards of glass pelt my skin with tiny cuts Freezing winds slice through my soul and leave me bare, lost, unwhole A kiss of barren hopeContinue reading “Summer Showers”

With Love

Creative Writing Prompt: Write a love letter I won’t lie I may have done some research on this one. Flowery words are not my forte. I know pretty funny right? But I like how this came out. My Love, I wanted to write something of Springtime and roses and billowing moors but that all seemsContinue reading “With Love”

Hmmm Not So Fast

Writing Prompt: The year you were born This is not something I talk about though you probably have a vague idea. I’m older than some, younger than others, willing to admit the differential is quickly closing to one side. Kennedy was before me but then which Kennedy there are so many. I saw Madonna liveContinue reading “Hmmm Not So Fast”

Purple Prose

I’m trying to decide my feeling on this writing style, issue, conundrum. Someone’s over written phrasing is another one’s glowing extolment. I read a book a few years ago Fates and Furies. There was so much good to say about this book even with the kitschy twist in the middle. Thanks Gone Girl for foreverContinue reading “Purple Prose”

That One Time at Band Camp

Sunday again huh? Like a scratched record. I can say that these days because people once again know what I’m talking about. Everything old is new. Even me. I have taken to heart some of the over the top inspirational cheerleadering going on. I’m dusting off old skills and finally sick enough of hearing aboutContinue reading “That One Time at Band Camp”

In My Head

Writing Challenge: Stream of Concious I tried this with the short story She in the book 3 Shorts. I had various degrees of success. I definitely fell out of it but it’s a good excercise. I’m tired of being inside and it’s gloomy today. I hate the rain. We need it. Everything is dying. TheContinue reading “In My Head”

Crane Kicks

In youth, my younger brother and I were enacting the scene from the Karate Kid. You know the one. I was Daniel-san. It turned out that Miagi was correct – ‘if do right no can defend’. My brother dropped like a rock from sky. There was blood, some pleading to keep this hush, general childlikeContinue reading “Crane Kicks”