Broken Up

It happened. My oldest is suffering their first heartbreak. The fledgling relationship they were in came to an end a few weeks ago. All the sad signs have ensued. They’ve slipped up in school, spending all their time in their rooms listening to music, mooning around and lashing out at us. They finally admitted theContinue reading “Broken Up”

Yankee Boy

My SO and I don’t really have a ‘song’. They’re not much of a dancer which I can say was a tough pill for this Spanish Southern girl. None the less, music has played a big part of our lives. So to commemorate them making it around the sun one more time here’s one ofContinue reading “Yankee Boy”

Fool Me Once

I saw someone post something like ‘you get one shot to lose my trust then it’s gone’. I almost replied with ‘yeah me too but you get like 3-20 years of repeated offenses and then I might get serious about ghosting you and giving you the cold shoulder’. I’m an easy target. I’d like toContinue reading “Fool Me Once”


A few years ago I took a hike with my youngest. My oldest was at sleepaway camp and my SO was working. So I grabbed my little gamer and said enough screens let’s go for a long walk and we did. We got a bit lost and went a smidgen longer than I intended butContinue reading “Poppolio-M”

Lead A Horse

You can’t make a horse drink so the adage goes. You can’t make anything do anything it doesn’t want to do. I learned that the hard way with my youngest. Sometimes you can scare people but at some point if they are set enough against doing something even that won’t work. Relationship dynamics take upContinue reading “Lead A Horse”

Heartache Medication

I’m a late comer to country music. Which is crazy because all of my uncles and especially my grandfather, the ultimate patriarch, loved all things country. I can see him now in his elder years (he died at 97) in his dress shorts with dress socks, a ten gallon Stetson and his cane hobbling overContinue reading “Heartache Medication”

Loveless in TVland

We recently got rid of traditional cable. We’re using a combo of YouTube TV and a Firestick now and I may never use my TV again. I realize I’m prez at a technology company but I’m pretty old school. Just because I ‘get’ technology and how to employ it in the modern age doesn’t meanContinue reading “Loveless in TVland”