SM is all about Top ‘??’ lists. I’m terrible at narrowing anything down and all of these lists are the broadest realities you could ever be asked. What’s your favorite word? Ice cream? Golden Girls? (BTW, that last one is Rose. Maybe Blanche. I dunno Sophia.) The only way I could answer any of theseContinue reading “Literally”

Summer Reading

I’m a reader. Duh, right? I don’t read one kind of genre. I read everything from the literary hard to read, harder to understand, to the caveman laugh out loud where did you find this man romance novels and everything in between. I like it all. And if you want to know something I likeContinue reading “Summer Reading”

To Each Their Own

My eldest child is not a reader and it kills me softly a little bit every time I have to say this, hurts like a heartache. Yet, it has always been this way. This child struggled for a long time with reading comprehension, still does. They never pick a book up to read unless theyContinue reading “To Each Their Own”


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (heretofore known as Zen) was a favorite book of mine through my late university early adult life.  I had my metaphysical guru hippy Namaste phase of life.  Didn’t we all?  No we didn’t I know.  I have a friend who’s never once questioned their staunch Republican outlook.  ItContinue reading “Metaphysics”