Taking the dogs on one of their last loops around the bend before we head home soon. It’s always sad and we’re leaving a little early this year to get the kids ready for school. After 3 years of homeschooling, they’ll be going back to a traditional school (on their request). And what a yearContinue reading “Loopy”

Writing Tools

I see people talking about the many different tools they use for writing. I know I’m amateur hour but I use Word, for just about everything. I may open the notepad to take some notes. Occasionally I’ll fire up an Excel sheet to keep track of my characters and story time lines. Old school worksContinue reading “Writing Tools”

In Defense of Resting

I’m a busy bee, mostly by necessity, some by nature.  I like being bored.  I remember in earlier days taking long naps on Saturdays and Sundays and then going to bed and sleeping all night.  If I did that now I’d be up by 2am.  As it is I’m up at 2am begging my brainContinue reading “In Defense of Resting”