Keats and Chill

You say you love by John Keats I. You say you love; but with a voiceChaster than a nun’s, who singethThe soft Vespers to herselfWhile the chime-bell ringeth –O love me truly! II. You say you love; but with a smileCold as sunrise in September,As you were Saint Cupid’s nun,And kept his weeks of Ember.OContinue reading “Keats and Chill”

A Touch of Wild

I’m dialing it in for the next week until 1/4/21. Expect poetry and music. I’ll be back en fuego on the 4th. So we begin with possibly the most romantic poem ever. Wild Nights by Emily Dickenson Wild nights – Wild nights!Were I with theeWild nights should beOur luxury! Futile – the winds –To aContinue reading “A Touch of Wild”

Epic Love

This is from one of my Top 5 RomCom picks of all time. I remember bawling in the movie when I heard this (Bonus points – which movie? Without Googling it!). I have the clip below. Funeral Blues W.H. Auden Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicyContinue reading “Epic Love”

Love Day

I’m decreeing Sunday posts my love day posts. I’ll try to speak on the theme of love or find those who speak on that theme much more eloquently than I do. So today I offer this gem: Dulzura by Sandra Cisneros Make love to me in Spanish.Not with that other tongue.I want you juntito a mi,tenderContinue reading “Love Day”


Now if you listen closelyI’ll tell you what I knowStorm clouds are gatheringThe wind is gonna blowThe race of man is sufferingAnd I can hear the moan, ‘Cause nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone. Nostalgia always makes me seek out what triggered the emotion. I hadn’t read much of her before I saw PoeticContinue reading “Alone”

Poetic Justice

Anyone remember that movie? Tupac was in it and Janet Jackson, Ms Jackson. It was really good if you haven’t seen it. Watch it. Anyway, this batch is very poetic. Writer Twitter is dominated by poets. At some point I guess you join in or stand on the sideline cheering and going hoarse. 5/28/20 ItContinue reading “Poetic Justice”

Summer Showers

Creative Writing Prompt: Rain Going with poetry this time. I only have the attention span for short poems so I’ll do a few different styles. Sijo: Icy rain like shards of glass pelt my skin with tiny cuts Freezing winds slice through my soul and leave me bare, lost, unwhole A kiss of barren hopeContinue reading “Summer Showers”


Writing Challenge: Acrostic Poem Every now and then I’ll dip a toe in the poetic league. I’m not very good so I tend to stand by the side and read what’s out there. The one thing that surprised me when I joined writing Twitter was the number of poets. I have to say that’s inspiring.Continue reading “Acrostic”