Summer Showers

Creative Writing Prompt: Rain Going with poetry this time. I only have the attention span for short poems so I’ll do a few different styles. Sijo: Icy rain like shards of glass pelt my skin with tiny cuts Freezing winds slice through my soul and leave me bare, lost, unwhole A kiss of barren hopeContinue reading “Summer Showers”


Writing Challenge: Acrostic Poem Every now and then I’ll dip a toe in the poetic league. I’m not very good so I tend to stand by the side and read what’s out there. The one thing that surprised me when I joined writing Twitter was the number of poets. I have to say that’s inspiring.Continue reading “Acrostic”

And We Write

Challenge: Ask somebody you know how his or her day was. Make any kind of poem out of their answer. So I slept past the shadows of the morn Unconcerned with the passage of time Never far from the regions of my mind Naked wishes a reminder of your scorn Yellowed sun turned to redContinue reading “And We Write”