Napoleon Complex

You’ve heard a decent bit about my one little rescue diva hot mess.  But I have another rescue dog.  This one is not pure bred like the girl though they told us he was. It doesn’t matter that’s not why we get dogs. He also fits right in with our crazy. We are all convincedContinue reading “Napoleon Complex”


I have this one little dog, the barker, if you’ve read other posts. She’s a rescue gotten at about one year of age. Dear God, I understand how she ended up on the give away pile. Aside from the ceaseless barking at everything, she throws up every night. We’ve taken her to the vet, changedContinue reading “Broken”

Smudges Kerpudges

Over the weekend a notice popped up on my phone marking the anniversary of the day we had to put my beloved Yorki down. She was 16yrs old. That was a messy, blubbery few months of mourning. She was with me through many of the pivotal milestones of my life, single city life, marriage, kids,Continue reading “Smudges Kerpudges”

Crazy Love

I am the patron saint of a-hole rescue pets.  When my beloved Yorkadork died I was heartbroken.  I knew eventually I would get another dog but I didn’t know when.  Six months or so later I was ready.  I missed having a dog and instead of going to a breeder (however reputable) I was goingContinue reading “Crazy Love”