Good Egg

I have this past client of mine. She has never forgotten about me even when I did a hard 180 from trying my hand at a more artistic career (personal chef) and going back to my old finance/consulting life. She’s always asking when I’m going to start cooking again. And she always, always, remembers toContinue reading “Good Egg”

Love Letters

The lost art of letter writing and the slow build of epic, soul changing love. The moon slips into the mountains like a lost penny and the fields are black and pungent and I want you near so that I could touch you in the autumn stillness even a little bit like the last echoContinue reading “Love Letters”

Broken Up

It happened. My oldest is suffering their first heartbreak. The fledgling relationship they were in came to an end a few weeks ago. All the sad signs have ensued. They’ve slipped up in school, spending all their time in their rooms listening to music, mooning around and lashing out at us. They finally admitted theContinue reading “Broken Up”

Sharing Is Caring

I’m rounding the corner on my Social Media (SM) detox. I started a few weeks ago and 30 days comes next week. I’m struggling with when or if I come back. It wasn’t hard giving up FB. I rarely go on there. Twitter was harder because it’s my news feed. But Writer Twitter had becomeContinue reading “Sharing Is Caring”


I wrote a short novella/novel not long ago called Dawn Patrol. It was a beach read set at the beach with a group of characters that like doing a favorite activity of mine, surfing. I had the heroine speak with a stutter, The Kings Speech style stutter, where it’s less about letters and more aboutContinue reading “Flawed”

Trick or Treat

My oldest went out with friends to buy their costume for Halloween tonight. Give me a sec to cry big fat ugly cry tears over that. That was my tradition, rather our tradition. This child loves Halloween and dress up. They are a star at our local conservatory. Every year we’d make an afternoon ofContinue reading “Trick or Treat”

The Time Is Now

I wrote a post about the movie Sideways last week. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about an unsuccessful writer who goes on a road trip with his friend and goes through all the things you would expect in an existential style road trip movie. His lack of success as a writer isContinue reading “The Time Is Now”

Well Done

I’m not chill. Like on any level. I try to portray an attitude of beach dudette whatevs but it’s a lie. I can at least acknowledge at my limitations. I guess I’ve gotten chiller as time has marched on. Children will humble you in ways you are ill prepared for. I’m no longer shamed byContinue reading “Well Done”

Walk On

Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I’ve tried static meditation but my mind is too active. So I sit there mentally berating myself for not being able to stop thinking thoughts or I fall asleep. It’s all or nothing with me. Walking has a monotony, rhythm, that is lulling and allows me to emptyContinue reading “Walk On”


Disclaimer: this is going to be a rant. I have an older and younger brother. Right now I’m pissed at the younger one. He has a tendency to be blindly, irrationally, dogmatic. He takes unbend-able stances on the most ridiculous things. Honestly his entire life is one big stance sometimes on topics of consequence. SometimesContinue reading “Dogmatic”