I’m in a nostalgic mood right now. I expect it will carry through right to mid August when the kids go back to school. This time of year always makes me reflective. Maybe because it’s too hot to go outside and do anything so I’m coop up thinking. Never a good thing for me. ThinkingContinue reading “Nostalgia”

Jerky Boys

I grew up surrounded by the XY chromosome. My adult life hasn’t been much different. So I’ve spent the better part of my life turning down beef jerky when it’s offered to me. The most recent was when my SO offered me some. When I turned it down flat, after they picked their jaw upContinue reading “Jerky Boys”


I’m thinking about taking a few health challenges. The first will either be a plank or push up challenge. I’m leaning toward push up because I have very weak upper body strength. I hate doing push ups almost as much as I hate running. This will be good for me. The other initiative is goingContinue reading “Challenges”

Climb On

The kids started climbing a few years ago and last year took a rock climbing camp. Since camps are out for this year we booked a family day of climbing. Mom and Dad, the nubes, got some training on the wall in the morning then we headed out to the rock. The fact remains thatContinue reading “Climb On”

Skin Deep

Let’s stir the controversy pot today. I’m caramel colored, so to speak.  Or café au lait to embrace my NOLA roots. I’ve never had a problem with this description of my coloring or other food related metaphors. Not long ago, I was made aware that this type of description is frowned upon and considered racistContinue reading “Skin Deep”


I grew up in New Orleans and Creole means many things there. It means delicious food that I miss and can’t seem to find anywhere but there. It means a culture of music and liveliness to make you envious while you eat your proper meals with polite discourse. It also means a person of mixedContinue reading “Creole”

Due North

I have a friend who would give you the shirt off her back and insist that she didn’t need it.  She would convince you somehow that it was ok to take it. And she wouldn’t be doing it as an act of martyrdom or with a jar of marbles counting her good deeds to yours.Continue reading “Due North”

Calamity Jane

First big hike of the season and I biffed it hard. I could lie to you and make you believe this is a one off fluke but let’s be honest. It isn’t. I’m chronically accident prone. My youngest child tends to try to catch balls with their face and they got that skill from me.Continue reading “Calamity Jane”

Charging Station

It’s time to recharge. I’m pretty parched right now and like always with me I got there not even realizing I had struck dry ground and was trying to drink sand. I’m heading to one of my favorite places on Earth and I plan on writing, walking in nature and forgetting the world for aContinue reading “Charging Station”

Moody Blues

I am a moody soul. Hard to read. Difficult to understand. Grumpy and old enough now not to care. I’m no longer in icing mode – icing over the issues, the ugly, the indifference I feel sometimes. Much of this feels like a right of passage to maturity, age. Some of it is sad, puttingContinue reading “Moody Blues”