Jerky Boys

I grew up surrounded by the XY chromosome. My adult life hasn’t been much different. So I’ve spent the better part of my life turning down beef jerky when it’s offered to me. The most recent was when my SO offered me some. When I turned it down flat, after they picked their jaw upContinue reading “Jerky Boys”


A few years ago I took a hike with my youngest. My oldest was at sleepaway camp and my SO was working. So I grabbed my little gamer and said enough screens let’s go for a long walk and we did. We got a bit lost and went a smidgen longer than I intended butContinue reading “Poppolio-M”


My youngest child’s dear friend is moving away in about two weeks. The price of a military life. I’m considering a claim for custody rights. Like I should get them for the summer or something because this kid is a permanent fixture at my house. The child spends so much time at my house thatContinue reading “BFF”

Step Off

My kids science teacher mercifully sent over a science packet for them to work through. I declare this entire moment in time has worn out its welcome. We home school even in normal times but normal home school looks nothing like this. On a normal week, they spend an entire day at our local conservatoryContinue reading “Step Off”

Golden Eggs

Have you ever watched an egg hunt as an adult? If not, you should. It’s a mercenary, cut throat, feral ritual of cold-bloodiness that ends when there is only one winner and everyone else is crying. Ok, it’s not that bad but the experience is not one for the weak. They can smell weakness andContinue reading “Golden Eggs”


Hit another milestone with my youngest this weekend. These things get more and more bittersweet. There I was thinking first steps were the standard bearer for all memories. They are but then again they are only the beginning. From those very early celebrations are the fleeting touches of life passing, annoyances, punishments, celebrations, sadness, firstContinue reading “Ch-Ch-Changes”

Subject Matter

If you’ve been reading, you know my youngest is an anarchist, also a genius, tested and certified. I’m not sure I’ll survive this child. I’m either helping to create the savior of the world or Lex Luther. I really don’ t know which one if I must be honest. Punishments don’t work. Positive reinforcement doesn’tContinue reading “Subject Matter”