In my mad sweep of clutter, I finally threw out our Alphabet/Blackboard easel. If you have kids you know exactly which one I’m talking about. We all had/have it. Ours outgrew it awhile ago but I kept it along with some other toys for the others coming up the supply chain. Always good to haveContinue reading “Polygons”

Cheating the System

Tropes. I see the question asked in the community. Sometimes it’s asked with a veneer of not even veiled derision like a tiger waiting to pounce on the idiot who answers with a ‘sure why not’. Other times it’s asked genuinely like ‘should we shouldn’t we?’. Other times it’s asked with a ‘f’ it –Continue reading “Cheating the System”

Drop Some Knowledge

My oldest child is really artistic, so much. They animate and act and dance. They are also really athletic. Most sport have come naturally to them. So what I’m about to write is in deference to the fact that they have all the tools they need to be successful in life. They are however alsoContinue reading “Drop Some Knowledge”


Today is the first day of school. It begins – the return to traditional school that we left 3 years ago. Already I’ve hit some things. Things that remind me how much I don’t like the traditional solution to education even though this school has a really progressive outlook on learning. Fact is they stillContinue reading “Convocation”


It’s been a busy time and school is starting this week for us. Ours are going back on a hybrid 2 days on 2 days off schedule. There is that back to school, Fall is coming, energy in the air that is both exciting and nervous. In a few weeks, we’ll be in the trenchesContinue reading “Regroup”

Test My Patience

The kids have to take a placement test for math and languages today for their new school. The thing about home school is that if it’s done right kids will likely get ahead of their peers. And that’s not because of horse jockey parenting. It’s because there’s just more time. Anyway, this got me thinkingContinue reading “Test My Patience”

Jerky Boys

I grew up surrounded by the XY chromosome. My adult life hasn’t been much different. So I’ve spent the better part of my life turning down beef jerky when it’s offered to me. The most recent was when my SO offered me some. When I turned it down flat, after they picked their jaw upContinue reading “Jerky Boys”


A few years ago I took a hike with my youngest. My oldest was at sleepaway camp and my SO was working. So I grabbed my little gamer and said enough screens let’s go for a long walk and we did. We got a bit lost and went a smidgen longer than I intended butContinue reading “Poppolio-M”