Hit another milestone with my youngest this weekend. These things get more and more bittersweet. There I was thinking first steps were the standard bearer for all memories. They are but then again they are only the beginning. From those very early celebrations are the fleeting touches of life passing, annoyances, punishments, celebrations, sadness, firstContinue reading “Ch-Ch-Changes”

Hemp There It Is

Recently my SO got me a bottle of CBD oil because sleep and I had a falling out a long time ago and insomnia has kicked my ass lately. CBD is supposed to help with that as well as the general aches I live with as a result of my lifestyle. I’m very active becauseContinue reading “Hemp There It Is”


It’s that time of year when they play all the nostalgic movies.  As a registered sap, I’m down for every single one of them.  Sound of Music was on a few days ago.  I love that movie, so much.  I should qualify there aren’t many musicals that I don’t love, movie, Broadway, off Broadway, communityContinue reading “WIP”