Falling Needles

We took our Christmas tree down last Saturday. Always a little bittersweet, to keep with my Eeyore theme of this week. 😁 It was drooping and sad looking. I stopped watering it a week or so before Christmas. I stopped watering it because as I tried to get to the pan one night to waterContinue reading “Falling Needles”

Let’s Do This

A new year begins. There are the goals and a little bit of the letdown from the frenetic holiday season. Over the coming year, there will be missed goals and other holidays to take over the craze of this season, birthdays and anniversaries and graduations. It’s all the cycle of life, circle of life forContinue reading “Let’s Do This”

Auld Lang Syne

Up next things that happened to me over the past decade.  First, let me channel my mother and say I can’t believe another decade has gone by.  My child was sitting next to me when I said something to the effect that I hadn’t thought about something in decades.  That child responded with ‘I guessContinue reading “Auld Lang Syne”

Thank You, Next

I saw a post on Twitter talking about the end of the decade and things that had happened to the poster.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’m going to hijack that idea but do it but in reverse.  One of my first mentors when I was living in the Big Apple playing atContinue reading “Thank You, Next”