Walk On

Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I’ve tried static meditation but my mind is too active. So I sit there mentally berating myself for not being able to stop thinking thoughts or I fall asleep. It’s all or nothing with me. Walking has a monotony, rhythm, that is lulling and allows me to emptyContinue reading “Walk On”

Sunday Funday

I’m glad its Sunday. I needed it. I’m tired right now. It looks like it will be a sunny day and with early Spring impending I’m going to enjoy the last of the nice days. It will be the dog days soon and that is no joke. My garden needs tending, literally and metaphysically. TodayContinue reading “Sunday Funday”


Sundays are slow days so today I’m posting one of my favorite things to do, quietly meditate for a few minutes. Some days I do ten minutes other half hour. I have yet to commit to long mainly because that fits a lifestyle I don’t have the luxury of living in just yet. How doContinue reading “Reboot”