Whoa Nelly

Wednesday is usually one of my riding days when I’m at home. If you follow me, you know I love my time at the barn. So when I scheduled a family trail ride there was irony that it fell on a Wednesday. The kids love to ride, my older in particular. My SO isn’t asContinue reading “Whoa Nelly”

1st in Class

Last weekend I competed with my guy for the first time. If you don’t know, I ride horses. I can’t call it my happy space because that’s a gross understatement of my feelings for the time I spend in this activity. But it does make me very happy. I guess you can say my guyContinue reading “1st in Class”


It’s one of my favorite days, riding day. Right now I only get to ride a few times a week but if I had my way, my bed would be in the stables. I love to ride. I love my guy even if he is kind of an ass and got himself punished for badContinue reading “GidyUp”