Today is the first day of school. It begins – the return to traditional school that we left 3 years ago. Already I’ve hit some things. Things that remind me how much I don’t like the traditional solution to education even though this school has a really progressive outlook on learning. Fact is they stillContinue reading “Convocation”

Test My Patience

The kids have to take a placement test for math and languages today for their new school. The thing about home school is that if it’s done right kids will likely get ahead of their peers. And that’s not because of horse jockey parenting. It’s because there’s just more time. Anyway, this got me thinkingContinue reading “Test My Patience”

Tips From a Pro

A pro what you ask? Honestly, I don’t know. A pro multi-tasker? I’d never go so far as say a pro-parenter because I’ve been doing this long enough to be humbled and shamed enough to keep my mouth shut on my spotty parenting skills. But back to multi-tasker. That I am. I work full timeContinue reading “Tips From a Pro”