This post is about my experience intermittent fasting. ***Disclaimer, don’t base any weight loss or exercise effort on anything I say. My words are anecdotal. There are people with lofty degrees and lots of student loan debt (read: doctors) that you should speak to in order set up a healthy program for your body andContinue reading “Fasting”


I’m thinking about taking a few health challenges. The first will either be a plank or push up challenge. I’m leaning toward push up because I have very weak upper body strength. I hate doing push ups almost as much as I hate running. This will be good for me. The other initiative is goingContinue reading “Challenges”

Breaking a Sweat

I’ve been working out in our garage. We have one of those bars bolted onto the wall and weights and honestly about any equipment that any shady pay as you go gym would have to keep someone fit. It’s not glamorous but it is keeping us sane. I joined Beach Body on Demand because aContinue reading “Breaking a Sweat”