Broken Up

It happened. My oldest is suffering their first heartbreak. The fledgling relationship they were in came to an end a few weeks ago. All the sad signs have ensued. They’ve slipped up in school, spending all their time in their rooms listening to music, mooning around and lashing out at us. They finally admitted theContinue reading “Broken Up”

To Each Their Own

My eldest child is not a reader and it kills me softly a little bit every time I have to say this, hurts like a heartache. Yet, it has always been this way. This child struggled for a long time with reading comprehension, still does. They never pick a book up to read unless theyContinue reading “To Each Their Own”

No Kids Allowed

I saw recently an exchange between tweeters about not wanting kids and being tired of being shamed for it or worse having to suffer being convinced how wonderful it is.  As someone who wasn’t sure if she wanted kids or not, I get it.  It’s not for everyone. Having kids is a huge time, money,Continue reading “No Kids Allowed”

When I Grow Up

I long ago officially became my mother, someone I swore to never become.  I am much more self aware and work very hard to temper my sharp edges because I know from personal experience how deep they cut and how long they sting.  I don’t want to forge that sort of relationship with my kids,Continue reading “When I Grow Up”