Taking the dogs on one of their last loops around the bend before we head home soon. It’s always sad and we’re leaving a little early this year to get the kids ready for school. After 3 years of homeschooling, they’ll be going back to a traditional school (on their request). And what a yearContinue reading “Loopy”

Standing Applause

There is a decent amount of ego in writing, or any of the arts, but I’m a writer so we’ll focus on that. We all want the recognition that our words informed or entertained or both. We want to hear from others how our words link together with elegant aplomb to change their lives. WeContinue reading “Standing Applause”


My youngest is trying to recreate Flappy Birds. I’ve mentioned it before that this child sits right at prodigy level. Unlike everyone else in hyped up suburbia we’ve never had them tested. When someone is like this you don’t need to. That’s the irony. Every child in my near reach is ‘gifted’. There’s a hugeContinue reading “Trending”

Thank You, Next

I saw a post on Twitter talking about the end of the decade and things that had happened to the poster.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’m going to hijack that idea but do it but in reverse.  One of my first mentors when I was living in the Big Apple playing atContinue reading “Thank You, Next”