Good Egg

I have this past client of mine. She has never forgotten about me even when I did a hard 180 from trying my hand at a more artistic career (personal chef) and going back to my old finance/consulting life. She’s always asking when I’m going to start cooking again. And she always, always, remembers toContinue reading “Good Egg”

Fool Me Once

I saw someone post something like ‘you get one shot to lose my trust then it’s gone’. I almost replied with ‘yeah me too but you get like 3-20 years of repeated offenses and then I might get serious about ghosting you and giving you the cold shoulder’. I’m an easy target. I’d like toContinue reading “Fool Me Once”


I’ve been thinking about the word goodbye. It’s rather melodramatic don’t you think? Most of the time when we say goodbye on the phone, in person, whenever, what really mean is see you later, see you tomorrow, see you soon. We are going to see or talk to that person again at some point andContinue reading “Goodbye”

Due North

I have a friend who would give you the shirt off her back and insist that she didn’t need it.  She would convince you somehow that it was ok to take it. And she wouldn’t be doing it as an act of martyrdom or with a jar of marbles counting her good deeds to yours.Continue reading “Due North”


My youngest child’s dear friend is moving away in about two weeks. The price of a military life. I’m considering a claim for custody rights. Like I should get them for the summer or something because this kid is a permanent fixture at my house. The child spends so much time at my house thatContinue reading “BFF”