Oh Well

This would have been the halfway mark for our family vacation this week. I cancelled everything almost a week and a half ago. Looking at the landscape which is taking on a scorched appearance this thought seems ridiculously tone deaf. Still, I wouldn’t have been writing like this had the trip materialized. I probably wouldContinue reading “Oh Well”

A Slow Walk By The River

If you’ve noticed Sundays are a quick hi and then a check out again to enjoy the last of my weekend. Things took a turn Friday when my SO came back from Vegas under the weather and I fell ill shortly after. Because my SO had been to Seattle and then Vegas we called toContinue reading “A Slow Walk By The River”


It’s Christmas Eve, whew.  I’m always ready for the hoopla to be over by now.  Christmas Eve is actually my very favorite day of the year.  Not much can be done and for me if it hasn’t been done by now I’m going to issue an apology and a promise to rectify things the dayContinue reading “Nochebuena”

Stay On Target

I’ve waited long enough to address this issue but it needs addressing, Star Wars.  It’s coming, soon.  Thank the lord above because if I have to hear one more researched theory or movie review or obscure plotline correction from a child who has spent way more time on this than they ever have on AlgebraContinue reading “Stay On Target”


Driving along a throughway last night, where the well to do have set up residence, I was enjoying the marvel of Christmas lights. They passed by in an array of sparkles and colors.  It was a happy mark of the season. They were all beautiful.  Some were clearly professionally done, perfect, not a light outContinue reading “Perfect”

Good Tidings to You

It’s holiday season, for better or worse.  I do love it though it’s wildly stressful – the overeating, the overspending, the too much togetherness.  I’m a natural introvert.  I don’t mind being alone.  After awhile of being at a party or in a crowd I get tired, overwhelmed.  I’m not very good at listening toContinue reading “Good Tidings to You”

In Defense of Social Media

Someone who followed me on another social media platform had a terrible thing happen.  I don’t use any of my social media (sm) platforms for personal use outside of business.  Occasionally, a not so humble brag might go up from a proud mom or sad mom because we’ve hit a milestone.  But there are noContinue reading “In Defense of Social Media”