It’s All Downhill From Here

We usually go skiing in the winter at some point. Not sure if that will happen this year. The last time we went I wiped out down a hill and had what they call a yard sale. As I huffed and puffed, trudging back up that hill collecting my stuff I thought ‘maybe it’s timeContinue reading “It’s All Downhill From Here”


This post is about my experience intermittent fasting. ***Disclaimer, don’t base any weight loss or exercise effort on anything I say. My words are anecdotal. There are people with lofty degrees and lots of student loan debt (read: doctors) that you should speak to in order set up a healthy program for your body andContinue reading “Fasting”

Overdoing It

If you follow along you know I am on a weight loss quest. This has been one of the hardest, defeating, least rewarding battles I’ve ever fought. The amount of effort I’ve put into it compared to the subsequent results is laughable. I’ve gone from ‘I’m going to do this’ to ‘Nothing’s going to stopContinue reading “Overdoing It”


I’m thinking about taking a few health challenges. The first will either be a plank or push up challenge. I’m leaning toward push up because I have very weak upper body strength. I hate doing push ups almost as much as I hate running. This will be good for me. The other initiative is goingContinue reading “Challenges”

Runner’s High

I’m not a runner. I’ve tried and tried but every time I try I find myself wondering, about 5 minutes into a run, WTH am I doing? I play tennis and I’m decent. That requires a certain amount of running or really fast sprinting depending on if I’m playing someone at my skill level.  IContinue reading “Runner’s High”

Curls Get the Girls

I hate arm day. Let me back up, I hate lifting weights. Wait, let me rephrase. I’m not a fan of gym exercise, at all. But I’m allowing that it might may be working in helping make me strong, fit and much leaner. I started Beach Body on Demand a few months ago and IContinue reading “Curls Get the Girls”


I’ve decided this is going to be my Instagram week where I talk about all surface topics. It may boil over into next week. Maybe not. Depends on when I get bored of it. It’s easy to target the IGers because they commit so un-ironically to the utter stupidity of life – their looks, cosmeticContinue reading “Weighty”

Breaking a Sweat

I’ve been working out in our garage. We have one of those bars bolted onto the wall and weights and honestly about any equipment that any shady pay as you go gym would have to keep someone fit. It’s not glamorous but it is keeping us sane. I joined Beach Body on Demand because aContinue reading “Breaking a Sweat”

No Cake For You

Dieting, the quintessential New Years resolution. It’s a merciless cycle for most of us faced with this issue. We all exist at various levels of disquiet with our appearance. Even those wholly sure of themselves, there’s something telling in their blatant narcissism, some random bravado they are using to tackle the world with the approvalContinue reading “No Cake For You”