Easy Breezy

I like the easy days and Sundays tend to be that for us. Church. DIY projects. Maybe a family outing. Sometimes dinner at Mimi’s. We’re halfway through the summer. It’s hard to believe. School will start soon and the autumn quell (my favorite season). Winter and fires at the cabin. Spring again (my least favoriteContinue reading “Easy Breezy”

Whoa Nelly

Wednesday is usually one of my riding days when I’m at home. If you follow me, you know I love my time at the barn. So when I scheduled a family trail ride there was irony that it fell on a Wednesday. The kids love to ride, my older in particular. My SO isn’t asContinue reading “Whoa Nelly”

Netflix and Chill

One of my mom friends is my link to all the TV that I need to see. Well I have two friends who keep me in the know but I hear from the one more often. The other one will drop her knowledge on our occasional roller blade sessions. But the first mom is alwaysContinue reading “Netflix and Chill”