Grass Eater

I can’t eat another piece of meat, red meat in particular. And no I’m not being sexual at all. I live amongst carnivores and I swear to God I ate an entire cow and at least half a lamb over the holiday season. I can’t eat anymore for awhile. So I’m going on a ‘detox’Continue reading “Grass Eater”


My oldest has a real candy problem. Always has. I’m not the kind of house to only keep oatmilk and kelp chips on hand for snacking and eating. We have treats in this house. We also try to teach self control, everything in moderation. This lesson has resonated with my kids except for candy andContinue reading “Candy-aholic”


This post is about my experience intermittent fasting. ***Disclaimer, don’t base any weight loss or exercise effort on anything I say. My words are anecdotal. There are people with lofty degrees and lots of student loan debt (read: doctors) that you should speak to in order set up a healthy program for your body andContinue reading “Fasting”

Overdoing It

If you follow along you know I am on a weight loss quest. This has been one of the hardest, defeating, least rewarding battles I’ve ever fought. The amount of effort I’ve put into it compared to the subsequent results is laughable. I’ve gone from ‘I’m going to do this’ to ‘Nothing’s going to stopContinue reading “Overdoing It”


I’m thinking about taking a few health challenges. The first will either be a plank or push up challenge. I’m leaning toward push up because I have very weak upper body strength. I hate doing push ups almost as much as I hate running. This will be good for me. The other initiative is goingContinue reading “Challenges”

The Point Spread

As everyone who’s seen a tweet or two of mine knows I joined WW. I’ll preface by saying I’m only shooting for 20lbs. So it’s not a lot. Which is way worse if you must know. When there is a long journey ahead, usually even small changes will garner early rewards. I’ve been at thisContinue reading “The Point Spread”