This runs in my family, being blue. Coming from the islands, preventative measures like therapy are something to sneer at and so we’ve seen some tragedies happen in my family. Times are changing, but it’s still a hard sell in the machismo culture. It’s something I’ve struggled with, an unforgiving mind that gives me littleContinue reading “Blue”

Try My Patience

Anyone else’s patience at an end right now? Because mine is and has been. My family is suffering the impact of my short fuse. I’m a pretty chill person but lately I’m done. My chill has left the building. I want to run away, to an island, to the mountains, away. My guess is thisContinue reading “Try My Patience”


This is the word my grandmother would use for what essentially we call depression. However for her and her generation it was much more encompassing and often much less weighty a matter than maybe it should have been. To them it was a passing fancy something you shook off with some activity or a mentalContinue reading “Melancholia”