I grew up in New Orleans and Creole means many things there. It means delicious food that I miss and can’t seem to find anywhere but there. It means a culture of music and liveliness to make you envious while you eat your proper meals with polite discourse. It also means a person of mixedContinue reading “Creole”


My SO got off a plane from Seattle two Fridays ago, right before the poop hit the fan over there and we all found out that it was an epicenter of this breakout in the US. As consultants we’re kinda used to flying into the eye of the storm. The less than funny irony isContinue reading “Honestly”


Recently everyone in my town woke up to the rail company shutting down major through ways in order to fix the tracks that cut through our town. It had been a complaint for a long time among residents that the rails were uneven and needed fixing. Apparently the rail company was just doing what weContinue reading “Warning”


Corona Virus is all the rage these days and here I thought it would be wide legged pants. Thanks again Fashion Week for nothing. I’m not joking about it but I am saying we like a good scare. It’s as if our lives are so safe and boring we need something to shake them up.Continue reading “Contagion”

Mythical Creatures & Heros

There was another terror attack and this time a narwhal tusk saved the day. That and three humans who could have run for cover instead of charging forward.  It is a special person who forgets their human fragility to do such a thing.  Would I, if challenged, rise up equally?  I’d like to think so. Continue reading “Mythical Creatures & Heros”