Working Girl

Challenge: Finish a story with the line, “Nothing ever felt easier to say.” “Can you get this to me by five?”  The heavy folder thudded onto Suanne’s desk without apology staring up at her like a smug bully.  She looked up at her boss who hadn’t even hesitated as she strolled by in her pointyContinue reading “Working Girl”


I bounce between my dining and kitchen table for work because I work at home. When I’m at my dining I have a perfect view of the bar stools that line the bar to my kitchen island. This provides ocassional scowls. A yearish ago I had them redone. No let’s rewind. They are from ScanDesign.Continue reading “Quality”

And We Write

Challenge: Ask somebody you know how his or her day was. Make any kind of poem out of their answer. So I slept past the shadows of the morn Unconcerned with the passage of time Never far from the regions of my mind Naked wishes a reminder of your scorn Yellowed sun turned to redContinue reading “And We Write”

Up For The Challenge

Writing Challenge: Think of your favorite food. Try to make it sound as disgusting as possible. It covers my tongue in a heavy coat and there isn’t a liquid that can rinse away the cloying feel.  The reward of the cool is quickly lost to the tacky feel in my mouth.  Soon the fresh happinessContinue reading “Up For The Challenge”

Weekend Challenge

I’m going to try to work through a challenge on Saturday’s for awhile. I’m in the middle of writing a short story which is going off the rails and trying to become a novella on me. This is par for the course. I lack the discipline to being a planner and this is one ofContinue reading “Weekend Challenge”