Things are going poorly with this whole Corona virus. The breakdown of society has fallen behind in the 2020 Who’s Crazier crazy race as Corona pumped its gas peddle and blew past all of us while we were distracted. It was never going to be great but some small common sense things like, you know,Continue reading “Sacrifices”

Sunday Night Movie

Nostalgia is on the rise during this epidemic. I was watching TV when an advertisement on CBS came on for the Sunday Night Movie. They were celebrating the re-introduction of this tradition and playing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a sure classic. With excitement, I said to my child the Sunday Night MovieContinue reading “Sunday Night Movie”

I’m Bored Mom

I was watching Sunday Morning (a positive effect of this quarantine because it was years since I had seen this show before this all started). There was a cute excerpt of kids declaring war on their parents, ticketing them for bad behavior. In short, the kids have had enough. And I can speak from experienceContinue reading “I’m Bored Mom”

A Confederacy of Dunces

Growing up in NOLA this is required high school reading. Of late, it seems like a bizarre parallel of current leadership. The only difference being the guileless stupidity with which Ignatius comes to his story resolution. No one can argue our current leader isn’t as ridiculous but his exacting arrogance is far removed from IgnatiusContinue reading “A Confederacy of Dunces”

Pardon My Complaining

I wasn’t going to write this. Then I was. Then I wasn’t. So clearly I am since we’re all here right now. Get ready because it’s a rant. I wasn’t eligible for the personal returns from our government. No surprise and definitely the way it should be. That money should be in the hands ofContinue reading “Pardon My Complaining”

Golden Eggs

Have you ever watched an egg hunt as an adult? If not, you should. It’s a mercenary, cut throat, feral ritual of cold-bloodiness that ends when there is only one winner and everyone else is crying. Ok, it’s not that bad but the experience is not one for the weak. They can smell weakness andContinue reading “Golden Eggs”


This is never ending. I just saw Dr Fauci (my guiding light. Did anyone else used to watch that Soap Opera? Anyway…) say we might be back at normalcy by Fall. My analytical side knows this. My free spirit side is screaming internally. Not sure what we’re going to do today. More walking. More movies.Continue reading “Encore”

Old Timey

My mom saves everything. She saves old wrapping bows, old wrapping paper that’s only a little crinkle, don’t even get started on old gift bags. She reuses zip locks. She’ll wash foil. She saves disposable water bottles and refills them at home. She used to bring snacks and drinks into the movies when we wereContinue reading “Old Timey”

Infinite Loop

That’s what this feels like. One big Groundhog’s Day. I’m ready to stop. My child said to me the other day ‘the last 2 days have been soo long.’ The novelty of ‘we have to stay in the house’ is wearing off to the punishment that ‘we have to stay in the house’. I keepContinue reading “Infinite Loop”

Learning Something New

It’s hump day and that means just about nothing at this point. Let’s be honest. It’s not like I had raging weekend plans even in normal times. I didn’t/don’t. But it’s pretty bleak when the weekend is looming and there’s nothing to be done even if only a quick trip to a store or toContinue reading “Learning Something New”