It’s Christmas Eve, whew.  I’m always ready for the hoopla to be over by now.  Christmas Eve is actually my very favorite day of the year.  Not much can be done and for me if it hasn’t been done by now I’m going to issue an apology and a promise to rectify things the dayContinue reading “Nochebuena”

Be Better

We took the kids to a Holiday Pops concert over the weekend. The whole family made it nephews and grandparents and great aunts.  It was wonderful, great energy, beautiful music.  The woman with the unbelievable voice who once toured with Doc Severinsen (Doc Severinsen! hadn’t thought about him in years) sang one of my favoriteContinue reading “Be Better”


Driving along a throughway last night, where the well to do have set up residence, I was enjoying the marvel of Christmas lights. They passed by in an array of sparkles and colors.  It was a happy mark of the season. They were all beautiful.  Some were clearly professionally done, perfect, not a light outContinue reading “Perfect”