Golden Eggs

Have you ever watched an egg hunt as an adult? If not, you should. It’s a mercenary, cut throat, feral ritual of cold-bloodiness that ends when there is only one winner and everyone else is crying. Ok, it’s not that bad but the experience is not one for the weak. They can smell weakness andContinue reading “Golden Eggs”

Stay On Target

I’ve waited long enough to address this issue but it needs addressing, Star Wars.  It’s coming, soon.  Thank the lord above because if I have to hear one more researched theory or movie review or obscure plotline correction from a child who has spent way more time on this than they ever have on AlgebraContinue reading “Stay On Target”


This is a topic I’ll likely revisit, since I have kids and as you’ve probably noticed they make appearances in my current life outlook.  Kids today are way smarter than I even when I was a kid.  They are way more polished and professional.  Their resumes are terrifying and I’m just thrilled that I don’tContinue reading “Ch-ch-ch-changes”


My kids have to take a standardized test in a few weeks.  I don’t like standardized tests.  I really don’t like them and they know it.  We took a practice exam over the weekend and it went as expected.  The oldest tried their heart out and did average. The youngest didn’t try at all andContinue reading “Revolution”