I’ve been volunteering at a local shelter facility. Shelter doesn’t really do it justice because they incorporate all aide – shelter, food hall, food distribution, stores, career, health. Anyway, I haven’t been able to go for the past couple weeks due to work conflicts. I tried to sign up for this week thinking ‘well they’llContinue reading “Giving”

Yes, There’s More

I’ll be honest I thought by now I’d have caught up. Should have done the math. I think this will take me through to the new year which is good because time is short right now. It will be a good way to start the year by writing some new one. Until then, I repurpose.Continue reading “Yes, There’s More”

Filthy Dirty

This is hands down my favorite drink. It’s simple and classic. Gin or vodka – the recipe is the same. And shaken, not stirred. 2 oz vodka (or gin) 1 oz Vermouth (dry) 1/2 oz dirty martini mix Aromatic or chocolate bitters if you have them Olives (stuffed or not) I didn’t have dirty mixContinue reading “Filthy Dirty”


My oldest has a real candy problem. Always has. I’m not the kind of house to only keep oatmilk and kelp chips on hand for snacking and eating. We have treats in this house. We also try to teach self control, everything in moderation. This lesson has resonated with my kids except for candy andContinue reading “Candy-aholic”

Love Day

I’m decreeing Sunday posts my love day posts. I’ll try to speak on the theme of love or find those who speak on that theme much more eloquently than I do. So today I offer this gem: Dulzura by Sandra Cisneros Make love to me in Spanish.Not with that other tongue.I want you juntito a mi,tenderContinue reading “Love Day”


6/15/20 Today the walls on either side of my office #carrel consist of dense blooming trees hiding patches of wildflowers and slippery moss. An open view lays in front of me to the azure heavens. Shall I tell you a secret? I may never go back. #vss365 6/14/20 I gave you my life My love,Continue reading “V.S.S.”


Changing it up here. Food today. It’s soup season. I love soup like all year round even in the jungle heat of summer. This week I made my not quite homemade chicken soup. So here ya go… 1 rotisserie chicken from your grocer, deboned 1 can diced tomatoes, drained (reserve the liquid) 3/4-1 cup ofContinue reading “Fake-o-la”


Thank god that election is over. It was the worst of us, the very worst of us. I’m a libertarian somewhat conservatively bent on certain issues, liberal on others and down right anarchistic on no few. Trump doesn’t fall into any of these categories. He proved to be a disturbing tyrant who clearly lost touchContinue reading “#Loser”