I have reached a certain age where friends are taking ‘restorative weekends’ away and coming back looking just short of a science experiment. I understand I suppose. If you’re going to take those kind of drastic measures to fight father time then might as well get your bang for the buck. I might also beContinue reading “Sunspots”


I make no bones about the fact that filters are my friend. For most of my pictures I only use a filter. I don’t change my skin or its imperfections or wrinkles. Although my brown, oily skin is catapulting me in this aging race. I use the filter to give the every day me someContinue reading “Toolbelt”

Gray Matter

Getting my hair done. I love my lady. She’s family. I can’t keep the grays away. She’s my gray slaying knight in shining (I’m not sure what color her hair is right now) sass and girlishness honor. I am curious about the extent of my grayness. I think it’s pretty bad. And I want toContinue reading “Gray Matter”

Beauty Mark

I’m not going to lie I miss some of the beauty services I’m used to getting. I’m not complaining but they are nice luxuries that I like getting done. I’ve survived without them just fine. Still, I have a hair appointment next Thursday. Yeah! And I think I’m going to wade into the nail salonContinue reading “Beauty Mark”


I’ve decided this is going to be my Instagram week where I talk about all surface topics. It may boil over into next week. Maybe not. Depends on when I get bored of it. It’s easy to target the IGers because they commit so un-ironically to the utter stupidity of life – their looks, cosmeticContinue reading “Weighty”

Gloppy Goop

I received the first thing I’ve ever tried from Goop as a stocking stuffer.  It’s a detox bath and supposed to help relieve the stress we ladies keep in our necks and shoulders.  I tried it last night.  Since a hot bath is always relaxing for me I guess it was ok but it wasContinue reading “Gloppy Goop”