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Hard to Get

We have this one client who is the ultimate tease. Talk about hard to get. We’ve been grooming them for 10 years now. Not quite but close. They want our solutions but mother of god they are coy and evasive and cheap as hell. If we land them it will be a coup, because thisContinue reading “Hard to Get”

Calling It

I had a competition this weekend but my guy was hurt. Long story but sufficed to say we should have called it before we put him on the trailer. The ride to the show pretty much put the nail in his recovery. He had been doing better but all that rattling pushed him backwards. LifeContinue reading “Calling It”

Yes to the VSS

If you’re wondering, yes, I am going to milk this for as longs as I can. 3/3/20 In dreams snow lined the mountains tipped with #whitecaps. Their gloved hands held awkwardly as a trail of deep footsteps followed them. In these dreams, she kissed him feeling the crystals of ice decorating his short beard. SheContinue reading “Yes to the VSS”

Try My Patience

Anyone else’s patience at an end right now? Because mine is and has been. My family is suffering the impact of my short fuse. I’m a pretty chill person but lately I’m done. My chill has left the building. I want to run away, to an island, to the mountains, away. My guess is thisContinue reading “Try My Patience”

Test My Patience

The kids have to take a placement test for math and languages today for their new school. The thing about home school is that if it’s done right kids will likely get ahead of their peers. And that’s not because of horse jockey parenting. It’s because there’s just more time. Anyway, this got me thinkingContinue reading “Test My Patience”


I make no bones about the fact that filters are my friend. For most of my pictures I only use a filter. I don’t change my skin or its imperfections or wrinkles. Although my brown, oily skin is catapulting me in this aging race. I use the filter to give the every day me someContinue reading “Toolbelt”


I was watching TV with my youngest the other day. It was a show I’d never heard of ‘Big City Greens’. Most of the kids’ shows these days are a mystery to me. Gone of are the days of having ‘The Backyardigans’ or worse ‘Wonder Pets’ theme songs stuck in my head on repeat likeContinue reading “Timeless”


It was a long week this week. I’m going to spend today on the mundane – clearing out a room. It’s a new month. In spite of all of the awful, the year is flying by. Here’s to no new developments. And to a harvest Fall to make up for the bad that has dominatedContinue reading “Unwind”

The Beat Goes On

I’m loving this lazy creative day. Trust me my creativity is being taxed elsewhere… 2/25/20 We take the #spirits from here, he said Spirits? Yeah, see them?  He pointed to an empty white sky with three shining suns.  The sparkles, he insisted  You’re nuts Only way there Who says I want to go? Your loss.Continue reading “The Beat Goes On”

Rip Current

We went out surfing the other day. Or at least tried to. Despite the picturesque blue skies, the waters were tumultuous. I’ve never felt currents like that in these waters before. It was legit (as my child says and I just worked into a blog post). We ended up dropping the boards and lounging inContinue reading “Rip Current”

Gray Matter

Getting my hair done. I love my lady. She’s family. I can’t keep the grays away. She’s my gray slaying knight in shining (I’m not sure what color her hair is right now) sass and girlishness honor. I am curious about the extent of my grayness. I think it’s pretty bad. And I want toContinue reading “Gray Matter”


When all of this crazy got started I bought a ton of flour. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t find toilet paper so flour seemed like a good substitute. I also couldn’t find yeast. So yeah. I do have some special things to bake. I’ve been dialing it in with box cakes for a longContinue reading “Baked”

My Heart

Some things happen and you’re never, ever the same again. In the best possible way.


Where do you get your story ideas? I’m not sure where mine flow from. Sometimes they come to me like magic. Sometimes it’s a powerhouse but then it falls like a boulder from the sky crashing into a million pieces and all of the effort put in is a large waste of time. Though evenContinue reading “Storyboarding”


I’m in a nostalgic mood right now. I expect it will carry through right to mid August when the kids go back to school. This time of year always makes me reflective. Maybe because it’s too hot to go outside and do anything so I’m coop up thinking. Never a good thing for me. ThinkingContinue reading “Nostalgia”

Time to VSS

Ok some more of my cryptic attempts at elegant writing… 2/17/20 Heart shaped petals piled up as an altar. Exhalting and defining her, crying out her worth like newsies of a bygone era. In the beginning an amused detachment, in the end a #greed for them, their power unexplainable. When they were gone, she wasContinue reading “Time to VSS”


The mama pig at the barn where I ride got out. Believe it or not it’s not easy to catch a pig. The baby got out once and it took four of us to haul it back. So mama has bee free roaming. We’ve taken to calling her a feral pig. It’s good enough. HerContinue reading “Sooie”

Overdoing It

If you follow along you know I am on a weight loss quest. This has been one of the hardest, defeating, least rewarding battles I’ve ever fought. The amount of effort I’ve put into it compared to the subsequent results is laughable. I’ve gone from ‘I’m going to do this’ to ‘Nothing’s going to stopContinue reading “Overdoing It”

Grace and Frankie

I fell on this show much later than everyone else but I loved it just as much. Those ladies are hysterical and the first few seasons were pure gold. One of my favorite episodes was when Frankie started on Social Media. I think I found it so funny because she was genuinely trying to haveContinue reading “Grace and Frankie”

Pen to Paper

My handwriting is terrible and I rarely write because of it. It’s not just bad it’s so recognizable that I’m not allowed to write notes to the kids from imaginary gifting people (Santa, Toothfairy). They can spot my handwriting from a mile away. You could too if you saw it. Because of this, I’m allContinue reading “Pen to Paper”


The polarization of society continues without any rational discourse or signs of slowing. In all the screaming back and forth upon occasion I have an opinion on things. Sometimes I check myself and say “Mia, move along”. Other times I open my mouth and put words out into the world. There are two things IContinue reading “Sources”


I don’t have much planned today. We’re back and I have a decent list of ‘to dos’ I’m tackling. There’s always that let down coming home. At first you’re excited to be back but then the routine hits without any hint that it ever missed you other than it piled up waiting for your return.Continue reading “Today”

VSS and Chill?

I started doing the daily VSS as a way to have creative content for my feed. I’m not very good at SM. I’m not a natural sharer in the sense that I tell the things that go viral. And I don’t get the account train threads so I tend to avoid them. I don’t judgeContinue reading “VSS and Chill?”

Jerky Boys

I grew up surrounded by the XY chromosome. My adult life hasn’t been much different. So I’ve spent the better part of my life turning down beef jerky when it’s offered to me. The most recent was when my SO offered me some. When I turned it down flat, after they picked their jaw upContinue reading “Jerky Boys”


Things are going poorly with this whole Corona virus. The breakdown of society has fallen behind in the 2020 Who’s Crazier crazy race as Corona pumped its gas peddle and blew past all of us while we were distracted. It was never going to be great but some small common sense things like, you know,Continue reading “Sacrifices”


Taking the dogs on one of their last loops around the bend before we head home soon. It’s always sad and we’re leaving a little early this year to get the kids ready for school. After 3 years of homeschooling, they’ll be going back to a traditional school (on their request). And what a yearContinue reading “Loopy”


Luxury has become a game of fools’ gold. As hard as it is to believe, statistically the majority of the 1st world has seen an exponential rise in financial reach. We are by far one of the ‘richest’ most indulged people in the history of people. As a result many are able to afford much,Continue reading “Luxurious”


I’m thinking about taking a few health challenges. The first will either be a plank or push up challenge. I’m leaning toward push up because I have very weak upper body strength. I hate doing push ups almost as much as I hate running. This will be good for me. The other initiative is goingContinue reading “Challenges”

Easy Breezy

I like the easy days and Sundays tend to be that for us. Church. DIY projects. Maybe a family outing. Sometimes dinner at Mimi’s. We’re halfway through the summer. It’s hard to believe. School will start soon and the autumn quell (my favorite season). Winter and fires at the cabin. Spring again (my least favoriteContinue reading “Easy Breezy”

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