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To You

The blog (daily or not) is taking an indefinite hiatus. The silliness of talking to myself in the void has been replaced with the woefulness of talking to myself in the void. I need a break. Too many huge unknowns are tossing me about in the waves. In spite of this turmoil, I thought I’dContinue reading “To You”


Ok, I may have not wanted to watch this. I may have thought it was going to be terrible because romance novels do not translate to the screen except in the worst most cliched ways. <!–Rant: Yes, I know even the written ones are cliché. Everyone needs a release. And I put good $$ onContinue reading “Bridgerton”

Cheap Words

I saw this some time ago and it resonated. Probably too late in life I figured out words are cheap. Not even dollar store cheap with the utilitarianism those purchases bring. No just cheap. I’m a watcher. I let others think I’m clueless. Then when they’ve shown me enough of their hand I’m done. AndContinue reading “Cheap Words”

Falling Needles

We took our Christmas tree down last Saturday. Always a little bittersweet, to keep with my Eeyore theme of this week. 😁 It was drooping and sad looking. I stopped watering it a week or so before Christmas. I stopped watering it because as I tried to get to the pan one night to waterContinue reading “Falling Needles”

Grass Eater

I can’t eat another piece of meat, red meat in particular. And no I’m not being sexual at all. I live amongst carnivores and I swear to God I ate an entire cow and at least half a lamb over the holiday season. I can’t eat anymore for awhile. So I’m going on a ‘detox’Continue reading “Grass Eater”

New Day New Me

Here I am start of a new year and unemployed. Hello 2020, is that you still lurking there? 😁 I have only been unemployed 2 times in my life. Both times I was trying to figure out what was next. I guess it could be argued this is the same. This has been on theContinue reading “New Day New Me”

Keats and Chill

You say you love by John Keats I. You say you love; but with a voiceChaster than a nun’s, who singethThe soft Vespers to herselfWhile the chime-bell ringeth –O love me truly! II. You say you love; but with a smileCold as sunrise in September,As you were Saint Cupid’s nun,And kept his weeks of Ember.OContinue reading “Keats and Chill”

Wordy WorderKins

8/1/2020 Those who play with fire Risk the blister in the sun Burnt #iridescence #vss365 8/1/2020 #math #vss365 An excerpt from my upcoming historical romance. 8/31/2020 There our story began. A hero beaten, bloody, the char of a battlefield, bodies piled high, cries of mercy as the enemy invaded indifferent to the suffering they caused.Continue reading “Wordy WorderKins”


I have a dog like this. I’ll miss him when he’s gone. A dog has died by Pablo Neruda My dog has died. I buried him in the gardennext to a rusted old machine. Some day I’ll join him right there,but now he’s gone with his shaggy coat,his bad manners and his cold nose,and I,Continue reading “Pets”

A Good Eye

When I got to school in Colorado everyone was into Ansel Adams. This Louisiana girl had no clue who that was. But I learned. I always loved this style of his photos more than the sweeping landscape ones.

A Touch of Wild

I’m dialing it in for the next week until 1/4/21. Expect poetry and music. I’ll be back en fuego on the 4th. So we begin with possibly the most romantic poem ever. Wild Nights by Emily Dickenson Wild nights – Wild nights!Were I with theeWild nights should beOur luxury! Futile – the winds –To aContinue reading “A Touch of Wild”

Word Prompts

8/29/2020 Ugly angry pushy witchy needy slutty crazy bitchy. Maybe pretty. If you’re into that. Make me feel like I’m too much. Not nearly enough. I’m an apt student eager for your praise. #Nectar for a fool stuck in your cliches #vss365 8/29/2020 Ghost jabs from the other side always hit the hardest. They’re neverContinue reading “Word Prompts”

Lovin’ It

I’m really tired right now. So much is going on. Today’s is brief holiday spirit lift. And if this offends, go away. Just go away. I love how they switched it up. See you tomorrow!

They Continue

7/20/20 Pronouns are deadly nouns. And the most dangerous one is me. Followed closely by you. It’s time to #ostracize these two, dig out the poison of their selfish ID. Toss it aside and move along. All this us is enough. No more me. And forget about you.  #vss365 7/19/20 You know that other sideContinue reading “They Continue”

What About Me?

Changing up the love theme to incorporate self love. I think this one pretty much says it all. Love After Love by Derek Walcott The time will comewhen, with elationyou will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirrorand each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat.You will loveContinue reading “What About Me?”


7/14/20 He glowed in the adoration, the easy popularity. Engaging others in his #sycophant ways only looking to fuel his narcissism. She smiled a cold light gleaming in her pale eyes. An easy target she thought as she shifted her full breasts up, opening her shirt’s top buttons. #vss365 7/14/20 The gritty salt water sloshingContinue reading “V.S.S.3.6.5.”

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