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A Brief Hello

It’s starting to happen. A small forgiveness in the air. I’ll enjoy it as much as I can. It will be gone again before I blink. So instead of staying in think I’ll strap on my dusty roller blades and grab my neighbor and go for a spin. See you tomorrow!

Here We Go Again

On our own. I can’t believe I haven’t used this as a title for one of these posts yet. But according to WordPress I haven’t. So enjoy the vss Saturday continuation. I’m trying to figure out how to go about vss from now on. Maybe I’ll wait until Saturdays to post all of my attemptsContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Yankee Boy

My SO and I don’t really have a ‘song’. They’re not much of a dancer which I can say was a tough pill for this Spanish Southern girl. None the less, music has played a big part of our lives. So to commemorate them making it around the sun one more time here’s one ofContinue reading “Yankee Boy”

On Good Taste

My sister in law is doing some redecorating. Like me she has an albatross around her neck when she embarks on these sort of projects. That albatross is my brother. Like my SO, my brother is under the impression that he has good taste and/or style. I don’t care if I’m frolicking in stereotypes here.Continue reading “On Good Taste”

Level II

I like wine. Oh, let’s be honest, I love wine. As I’ve gotten older my ideas around wine have changed. I’ve never been a binger. That’s not to say I haven’t had my university pounding head mornings but those mornings pretty much turned me off to that kind of behavior very quickly. I like wineContinue reading “Level II”

The Tao of Me

I took a sociology class in high school. Looking back on it, it was more like an anthropology class because we studied different regions and their customs/religions. It was in this class my love of all things Eastern was solidified. I have a strange and passionate love of Eastern cultures…all of them. I love theirContinue reading “The Tao of Me”


I struggle putting things together from written directions. Ikea is my mortal enemy. As are all Ikea wannabes. Directions get flipped in my head. I get confused. I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia but from all of the hack online tests and learned articles I’ve done and read, I probably have a solid case ofContinue reading “Flipped”


I’m not sure my house will ever outgrow Halloween like some of the other homes on the block already have. We’re still all in for the whole experience. Halloween reigns as possibly the favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong Christmas is big but my kids are all about the drama of a holiday like Halloween.Continue reading “Boo”

Saturday Saturday

Thank goodness for these. It’s fun going back through them. I’d forgotten most of them. The top one sprung from my abject guitar playing. I still like to pick it up and strum but I’ve taken to playing the ‘fake’ tough chords. No I won’t be touring with Van Halen anytime soon. And yes ThreeContinue reading “Saturday Saturday”


I’ve seen these and other similar letters batted around, in particular, on social media. I’ve been curious but never put much energy into researching what they mean. I’ll be honest I’m not big on these kind of bucket summations that weave in enough real and pseudoscience to blur the lines of fact and fiction. I’dContinue reading “INFP-T”


A solid summation of my outlook. Years ago I was introduced to this little soundbite. It resonated like nothing ever had and quickly became my mantra. I suppose I was at a point in life where every single word in it rang true to my ears. They still do. More so than ever.


In my mad sweep of clutter, I finally threw out our Alphabet/Blackboard easel. If you have kids you know exactly which one I’m talking about. We all had/have it. Ours outgrew it awhile ago but I kept it along with some other toys for the others coming up the supply chain. Always good to haveContinue reading “Polygons”


I haven’t been sick in awhile. In fact the last time I got sick was over a year ago. It was a doozy though. I caught something bad that turned into pneumonia. My SO then caught it and also got pneumonia. My oldest caught it and got pneumonia. We got the youngest out of thereContinue reading “Immunity”

Take Me Home

I’m not one to internalize celebrity deaths. It’s always sad especially if there is longevity in my investment in the celebrity but not so much it rattles me too hard. But I was sad to hear about Toots yesterday. He’s special to me and as a part time island girl he’ll always have a uniqueContinue reading “Take Me Home”

Tapping A Well

I’m on a bit of hiatus from vss365. Not because the words are hard. When you’re in the groove you can come up with something, even for a hard word, even if just making fun of your own limitations. I’m more tapped out creatively. I needed to regroup focus my attentions on this WIP andContinue reading “Tapping A Well”

1 Liberty

That’s where I was on 9/11/2001. I don’t talk about it much. It was a strange sort of day the kind that most don’t ever experience. At the same time, it was a surreal event that I often feel far removed from instead of an upfront, in living color, participant. I was still on theContinue reading “1 Liberty”


The barn where I keep my horse is not fancy. Like really not fancy. To a fault. And I love it for that. The lady who runs it is a no nonsense, knows her stuff, take no crap kinda lady and I can respect that. She’s the sort of person I surround myself with theseContinue reading “Lowbrow”


I’m trying to get in front of the blog ball. I’m usually a week or two (in a good moment) ahead on my posts. If something timely pops up I’ll rearranged the schedule dates. That said sometimes the ideas come like waves, one after another. Things happen to me and I’m like ‘write about thatContinue reading “Ideas”

The Struggle Is Real

I’m struggling lately. I’ve messed up more scheduled posts than I care to admit. I even messed up one for my business. Totally put the wrong text in a new release of our solution. Crazy thing, people still hit ‘like’. Makes you wonder how many are reading this stuff. But it’s no bueno people. That’sContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

Labor Day

This is the day we all forget why we get it off. Or mix it up with Memorial Day. Either way that’s a shame. Each of these holidays capping the Summer deserve their due. The people we are celebrating because of these holidays deserve the respect of us knowing why TF we get the dayContinue reading “Labor Day”

Not Today

I love the love story of Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams. That is all. Have a great day! See you tomorrow!

More of the Same

The 1st one was a nod to my oldest who has loved beavers since a very young child. I had no idea either until one day they started talking about beaver habitats and what they were called and how they were built. I was floored. You’d think a mom would know these things. The othersContinue reading “More of the Same”

Cheating the System

Tropes. I see the question asked in the community. Sometimes it’s asked with a veneer of not even veiled derision like a tiger waiting to pounce on the idiot who answers with a ‘sure why not’. Other times it’s asked genuinely like ‘should we shouldn’t we?’. Other times it’s asked with a ‘f’ it –Continue reading “Cheating the System”

A Quiet Mind

The house is quiet on Monday/Wednesday when the kids go to school. The other days they do virtual at home. It reminds me of the days when they went to school (before homeschooling) and my SO was traveling nonstop and I was working from home. There’s a weird quiet to everything that I’m not usedContinue reading “A Quiet Mind”


Last week, during a bout of my reoccurring insomnia I accidentally scheduled 3 blog posts on Tweet-deck for the same day and time. Needless to say I was surprised to see three posts for the next three days worth of blogs when I logged on. The clincher – only one blog post was ‘live’ onContinue reading “Whoopsie”

My Baby Grand

Has been good to me. That’s a lie because I don’t have one. But I want one. I grew up playing piano and I’m decent. I gave up piano because I wasn’t nearly good enough to make a living off of it and my mom being old school hired the meanest piano marm on earthContinue reading “My Baby Grand”

Charmed, I’m Sure

Long, long ago I was watching Johnny Carson and he had on Jimmy Stewart. Yes, I’m that old. Anyway. This was before TCM, probably before cable TV and so definitely before I had the chance to see many of the wonderful classics. Back then the classics that would play on the 3-5 channels we gotContinue reading “Charmed, I’m Sure”

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